The land of Jordan is no stranger to visitors—from camel caravans transporting incense on the legendary King’s Highway to the Roman legionnaires, Nabatean merchants, and Muslim armies on their quest for the Levant, Jordan’s generosity and hospitality have always been boundless. 

From the moment the first ‘ahlan wa sahlan’ is uttered, rest assured that Jordan will forever become a true friend. In a world where hospitable and safe destinations are considered a rare luxury, Jordan offers guests exactly that.

Ahlan wa sahlan, welcome to Jordan!

Jordan’s COVID safety assurance

Jordan is a proud recipient of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) ‘Safe Travels’ stamp, which is a valid indicator of Jordan’s compliance with the stringent hygiene and safety protocols required to welcome international tourists and travellers. 

Jordan is also on its way to fully vaccinating 75 percent of its adult population in the coming months by way of its progressive vaccination program. The authorities of the country have promised to promote safe, efficient, and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines to help accelerate Jordan’s recovery against the unprecedented pandemic.

Your 7-day family-friendly Jordan itinerary

We’ve compiled a list of destinations to which you can start your tour of the Hashemite Kingdom with the whole family. 

Day 1: Arriving in Amman

Regardless of your country of departure, we recommend that you start your journey in Amman, Jordan’s capital. Once you get off the plane, feel free to rest. Depending on your time of arrival and if you’re not too tired from the journey, there are some interesting places in the city you can check out as follows:

The Roman Amphitheater

A grand landmark left behind by the legionaries of Rome, the Roman Amphitheater was constructed in the 2nd century under the supervision of Marcus Aurelius. 

The Jabal al-Qal’a Citadel

Emblem of the Jordanian capital, the Jabal al-Qal’a Citadel bears witness to the city’s rich past. Although much of the citadel has been lost to time, the Umayyad Palace and the Temple of Hercules remain defiant before guests and visitors.

Other places of interest include King Abdullah Mosque, Rainbow Street, and of course the local gastronomy.

Day 2: Jerash and the Dead Sea


For the second day of the itinerary, head to the ancient city of Jerash, some 50 kilometers north of Amman. There, ancient theater, temples, churches and a triumphal arch await, admirably preserved in succession by the Greeks, Romans and then the Byzantines.

The Dead Sea

On the coastal waters of the Dead Sea, visitors float with zero effort like a buoy in a swimsuit. You’ll find what a pleasure it is to effortlessly float with a book in hand pampered by the gentle waves. 

Day 3: Kerak & Little Petra


The fortress of Kerak is without a doubt one of Jordan’s most famous castles. This ancient stronghold of the Crusaders has witnessed countless battles, sieges, as well as its fair share of atrocities. 

Little Petra

Constructed in the 1st century AD, the ancient site of Little Petra features a temple, four tricliniums as well as boasting a number of other monuments. Like an appetizer before the main course, visiting Little Petra will prepare you for what is to come, the immense Nabatean city of Petra the next day.

Day 4: Petra


The crown jewel of your Jordan itinerary; none can claim to have visited Jordan without dedicating at least one full day to explore the mythical Petra. 

As visitors make their way through the colorful narrow canyon of the Siq, the striking facade of a structure exhibiting the characteristics of a Greek temple slowly comes into view. The Khazneh, or the Treasury, mesmerizes visitors with its crimson hue and 40-meter height majestically carved straight into the rock.  

Further in, visitors will find remnants of an ancient town complete with thermal baths, temples, and colonnaded streets. Prepare yourself to encounter yet another breathtaking structure as Ad-Deir (the Monastery) makes its presence known as one of the most prominent rock-cut monuments in Petra. 

Come nightfall, you can participate in the Petra by Night event, in which the organizers light some 1,000 candles along the narrow siq and in front of the Khazneh. Traditional music is played live as exquisite tea is being served and old stories are being eternally retold.

Day 5: Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum desert has been the domain of the Bedouin tribes since the dawn of time. With its enclosed valleys and dramatic cliffs, this reddish landscape is a not-so-hidden place where walking upon its sands is both a pleasure and a privilege. 

For our Wadi Rum journey, the tour starts at the Wadi Rum village where the guides are ready to whisk you away into the desert on their 4x4s. Some of the most frequented points of interest are the red sand dunes, the arch of Burdah, the Siq al Barrah Canyon, the ruins of the house of Lawrence, and the Lawrence Spring, famous for its depiction in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.           

Day 6: Aqaba

On the sixth day of your Jordan tour, take things slow at Aqaba, a city known for the beauty of its waterfront. Since it’s your last day in Jordan, feel free to visit Aqaba’s points of interest at your own pace. 

You can opt to explore the authentic souq of Aqaba, where you can immerse in the colorful sights and lingering smells in the narrow alleys encrusted with stalls of all kinds. Shop for some spices, sweets, and some Jordanian crafts to bring back to your loved ones. Feeling peckish? Take the opportunity to grab some exotic cuisine on the go.

Additionally, you can also opt to visit Aqaba’s beaches, Aqaba Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Ruins of Ayla, and many others. It’s also worth mentioning that Aqaba is also frequently visited as it is the ideal starting point for a getaway in the Wadi Rum desert and the City of Petra.

Day 7: Journey back to Amman

The final day of the tour consists of preparing yourself for the journey home. So make sure to grab yourself some last-minute souvenirs for your loved ones at home and reach Amman at least two hours before your flight.

Attractions for adventurers

While many travelers have long visited the numerous archaeological sites Jordan offers, adventurers have also noticed the advent of adventure tourism in the country. 

Wadi Hidan Canyon hike

Adventurers may set off on a challenging three-hour hike on the Wadi Hidan Canyon. In the heart of this magnificent basaltic canyon, adventurers will encounter narrow gorges and natural pools with exceedingly cool water. It will take some extra effort to navigate the more difficult parts of the trail with some even requiring climbing. 

5-day Wadi Rum trek

Adventurers looking to properly conquer the Wadi Rum desert will delight in this 5-day desert itinerary.

Day 1

Upon arriving in Amman, head for the Wadi Rum desert and embark on a two-hour hike from Disseh to the Umm al Tawaqi. Upon reaching the camp, a traditional dinner will be prepared by the Bedouins.

Day 2

The journey continues with a five-hour trek from Umm al Tawaqi to Siq al Barrah, a splendid desert canyon. Make camp and retire for the day.

Day 3

Head towards Jebel Burdah on a five-hour trek and with the help of a guide, climb the arch of Burdah. The 35-meter rock bridge is considered one of the tallest natural arches in the world with climbing difficulty categorized as “moderate level.” Make camp in Burdah.

Day 4 

Depart from the arch of Burdah and head towards the natural bridge of Um Fruth, to which adventurers will witness the magnificent stone arch. After a while, continue the hike towards Um Sabatah camp. On the way, adventurers will come across a narrow natural gorge in which inscriptions are carved into the rock. The trek will take approximately five hours.

Day 5

Finally on day 5, head for the alleged home of Lawrence of Arabia. More rock inscriptions can be found on the stone walls of the Al Khazali canyon dating back to the Nabataean period. Once reaching the house of Lawrence, set camp and enjoy the desert surroundings as the adventure has come to an end. 

Other activities

Adventurers may also partake in other challenging activities as follows:

– rock climbing
– exploring Jordan by mountain bike. A 725-kilometer Jordan bike trail awaits adventurers
– cross-country enthusiasts may take on the 40-day challenge of trekking through 650 kilometers of marked trails.