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Wego reports that the Korea Tourism Organization has unveiled its official list of events and festivals for Spring 2024, promising a vibrant season that blends tradition and innovation in the heart of Seoul.

The season commenced in March with the Cherry Blossom Festival at Seokcheonhosu Lake, setting the stage for a calendar brimming with cultural celebrations and outdoor spectacles.


Iconic locations across Seoul, from the serene banks of the Hangang River to the historic districts of Gwanghwamun Gate and Gyeongbokgung Palace, will host a variety of festivities. A standout event is the innovative Car-free Jamsugyo Bridge Ttubeokttubeok Festival, where attendees can partake in a silent DJ party using wireless headsets, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Music aficionados can look forward to the National Museum Concert series, featuring a diverse range of musical performances across various genres. Additionally, the annual nighttime admission to Seoul’s royal palaces offers visitors the opportunity to explore these majestic landmarks under the starlit sky, adding a magical touch to the spring evenings.

Other significant events include the Seoraeseom Island Canola Flower Festival, which promises stunning floral displays set against the backdrop of Seoul’s urban landscape, and the bustling Seoul Festa, a celebration of K-culture with food, entertainment, and dance performances at multiple venues across the city.

For those planning to visit Seoul in the spring, Visit Korea provides comprehensive information on festival dates, admission fees, operating hours, and major programs. With an alluring lineup of events awaiting discovery, there’s no better time to explore the charm and excitement of spring in Korea.

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