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Updated December 2023

A dazzling celebration poised to grace Dubai with its vibrant colours and boundless creativity, the Sikka Art & Design Festival exemplifies Dubai Culture’s steadfast dedication to promoting innovation and highlighting talent. Serving as a guiding light for artistic expression, the event brings together diverse forms of art in a captivating exhibition.

Read on as Wego breathes life into Dubai’s cultural landscape, unveiling details you need to know about the Sikka Art Fair 2024.

What is the Sikka Art Fair 2024?

The Sikka Art and Design Festival, orchestrated by Dubai Culture, is a vibrant celebration of creativity and ingenuity. With an aim to establish an inventive platform that unites diverse art forms while honouring talent, the Sikka Art and Design Festival aligns with Dubai’s cultural vision, striving to solidify the emirate’s status as a global cultural centre, a nurturing ground for creativity, and a flourishing hub for talent.

Set to unfold in Dubai, the eagerly awaited event, hosted under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture and a member of the Dubai Council, has commenced its preparations for the 12th edition, to be held in 2024.

Sikka Art Fair 2024 dates

For those seeking an unparalleled cultural immersion offering fresh perspectives and boundless inspiration, mark your calendars for the Sikka Art Festival 2024, which will be held from 23 February to 3 March.

Sikka Art Festival 2024 location

Set against the historical backdrop of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, a district steeped in Dubai’s heritage, the Sikka Art Fair 2024 will metamorphose the area into a bustling epicentre of artistic expression. It aims to captivate both residents and visitors, offering a tapestry of inspiration and creativity.

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Sikka Art Festival 2024 events

The 12th edition of the Sikka Art Festival serves as a platform spotlighting the rich tapestry of talent and diversity among Emirati, UAE, and GCC-based artists. It encompasses an array of artistic domains, including visual arts, painting, sculpture, photography, design, murals, and mixed media.

Complementing these displays are interactive workshops, musical and cinematic performances, as well as engaging talks and panels that promise to enrich both the local cultural scene and the global arts landscape.

According to the Authority, there has been an addition of the Culinary Arts category for the festival’s 12th edition, as it is considered a discipline that stimulates innovation and contributes to highlighting various cultures in Dubai, reflecting coexistence among them.

Moreover, as an integral part of the ‘Sikka Platform’ and ‘Dubai Art Season,’ the Sikka Art Fair 2024 embodies a commitment to elevating the local cultural panorama.

Previously, in the festival’s 11th edition, significant milestones were reached, showcasing the dynamic nature of Dubai’s creative landscape. The event drew in excess of 120,000 visitors who had the opportunity to appreciate the creations of over 200 artists, participate in numerous workshops, engage in talks, enjoy performances, and more.

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