US To Barbados Travel Restrictions, Flights News & Travel Ban In 2021 – Advisory & Requirements

This page was last updated on 03 November, 2021.


At a Glance

Most travelers from United States are allowed to enter Barbados, but there are restrictions.
Source: Visit Barbados

Barbados: Open for Travel

Travel is allowed with restrictions
Travelers are allowed to enter Barbados. Please check the documentation, quarantine, and/or testing requirements before traveling.

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No quarantine required for vaccinated travelers
Fully vaccinated travelers who have their negative COVID-19 PCR test and vaccination certificate validated and receive clearance on arrival are not required to quarantine.

Fully vaccinated travelers must use approved transportation providers for their transport from the airport.

Source: Visit Barbados

COVID-19 test required

COVID-19 test on arrival may be required for vaccinated travelers
Fully vaccinated travelers may be randomly selected by health officials to take a Rapid Antigen test on arrival.

If selected, fully vaccinated travelers must show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken at a maximum of 3 days before arrival in Barbados, and take a Rapid Antigen test at the airport on arrival. No quarantine is required for travelers as they await the results of their Rapid Antigen test taken on arrival.

Source: Visit Barbados

Masks are required

Masks are mandatory in public
Travelers must wear masks in the airport, on public transportation, and in public places.

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Other Things to Take Note Of

Health screening on arrival
Temperature screening is required for all travelers upon arrival.

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Required Documents for your Trip

Mandatory proof of vaccination
Vaccinated travelers must present a vaccination certificate showing that at least 14 days have passed since they received the final dose of the vaccine.

Travelers are recommended to pre-submit their vaccine certificates for approval. Those who are unable to present a valid certificate may be required to comply with rules for unvaccinated travelers.

Details and Exemptions:Vaccines accepted are AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Sputnik V.

Travelers who have mixed vaccine regimens will be considered fully vaccinated.

Source: Visit Barbados
Mandatory travel authorization form
Travelers must complete an online form which is available 72 hours before arrival and should be submitted at least 24 hours before departure to Barbados. Once all required steps are completed travelers will receive a bar code via email. The bar code must be presented in printed or digital form on arrival.

If travelers experience technical difficulties when completing the form, it may be completed upon arrival in Barbados.

Source: Visit Barbados
Document: Complete online

Optional Documents for your Trip

Recommended contact-tracing app
Travelers are recommended to download the BIM safe app to complete their immigration form, upload their negative COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination, and monitor their health for 7 days on arrival.

Source: Visit Barbados
Document: Get mobile app