Ever encountered weary students tapping mindlessly through a perfectly curated Instagram feed; yearning to travel and be anywhere but in the humdrum of mundane classroom life?  What if there was a way to fuse the gnawing thrill of a vacation while advancing the school curriculum? I have good news. Educational trips are all the buzz today.

Balancing exploration and immersion, an educational trip to the right city kills two birds with one stone. The invaluable opportunity of being able to learn something first hand broadens the perspectives of students universally and is a stepping stone in cultivating a new generation of global citizens.

These are a selection of illuminating education trips to be taken around the world.

United Kingdom

England is an excellent destination for all things literary; I am looking at thee, Shakespearean lovers. A hallmark for theatre, a visit to these places would undoubtedly enable students to learn the ins and outs of the literary arts.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Shakespeare’s House, Stratford Upon Avon © Maxine Tait – Flickr

In Stratford Upon Avon stands the birthplace of the Bard, where he spent most of his life penning his sonnets. Delve deep into the life of arguably the most famous English language writer as you peruse his belongings and gain a never before seen insight into his musings.

Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre, London © Jinxsi1960 /Flickr

One of the first theatres in London, the Globe played host to many of Shakespeare’s plays during the height of English Renaissance, as the arts flourished. It remains a shining beacon of English artistic heritage and presents reenactments of many of Shakespeare’s dramas today.

Jane Austen House

Jane Austen House, Chawton © Kevin Oliver – Flickr

The Museum provides an authentic glimpse into the life of the renowned author who is known for the classic “Pride & Prejudice” at the very cottage in which the famed novel was born. Her belongings and personal letters on display offer an exhaustive account of the challenges faced by women in the early 1800s.


Having been a household name in world civilization for nearly 17 centuries, Turkey possesses bountiful sights that evoke distant memories of Byzantine History and ancient cities.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse, Troy © Jorge Láscar /Flickr

The artefact that turned the tide of the Trojan War birthed the first two European literature works; the Iliad and the Odyssey; a testament to its enduring importance.


Arguably the most magnificent ancient ruins in Turkey, Ephesus offers a rare glimpse into life at the pinnacle of the Roman Empire. The stature of monuments such as the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre is genuinely breathtaking.

Fairy Chimneys

What began with volcanic ash aeons ago, has evolved to become tuff rock that is the culprit of these eccentric formations. This geological marvel is a cave town; dotted with humble abodes above and underground.


Oozing the charm of “La Dolce Vita” Italy stuns as an educational destination given its rich confluence of world history, art, architecture through the times and geography.

The Colosseum

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, largest amphitheatre ever built during the Roman Empire – served as a venue for now obsolete gladiator combat matches.

The Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel © Michael Krigbaum – Flickr

The Sistine Chapel is a holy grail for art buffs. Renaissance frescoes adorn every nook and cranny. The most famous being The Sistine Chapel ceiling depicting the “Creation of Adam” curated by Michelangelo in the 16th century.


Despite being ravaged by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the landmarks in the town remain beautifully preserved. For any curious soul wanting to have a taste of the lifestyle back then, Pompeii allows you to traverse through the town hall and old thermal baths. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


Credited as having created the first true alphabet, being home to “the Father of History, Herodotos” and extensive works on art and philosophy, this cradle of modern civilization can hardly be left out on an educational trip.

The Parthenon

Here lies the visionary temple constructed for Athena; the virgin Greek goddess of intelligence, arts and literature in the 5th century BC. Till today, UNESCO has acknowledged it as a prime example of a Greek architectural wonder.

Olympia Stadium

Ancient Olympia © Time Travel Turtle

This is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, which was a festival celebrating Zeus. Subsequently, the historic palaestra was used to train athletes for competitions between city-states. In the modern Olympic Torch Relay, the Torch is firstly lit in a cauldron in Olympia, to pay homage to its ancestry. The ancient Olympic Stadium is still accessible to visitors who are eager to take a symbolic lap around it.

Theatre of Dionysus

Lauded as the world’s first theatre and the birthplace of Greek Tragedy, the arena was built in honour of the Greek God of Plays and Wine (Dionysus). It eventually came to be a frequent haunt for the people, especially during the Dionysia; Athens’ theatre extravaganza.


Mekong River © Mundy Adventures

The lingering legacy of the Khmer Empire engraved in somberly beautiful memorial sites paralleled with the cultural richness of temples such as Angkor Wat, make Cambodia a top choice for educational trips.

Angkor Wat

Built-in, the 12th century, dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu it is the world’s largest religious monument. The majestic citadel is the national symbol of Cambodia and is intricately adorned with ceremonial carvings.

Cambodian Genocide Memorial

Cambodian Genocide Memorial © Ash61267 /Flickr

A sobering reality lays before you as the vivid atrocities of the Pol Pot regime are crystal clear. An important learning point would be never to take the freedom to live for granted, especially when countless people are denied such rights until this day.