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The Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar released an official statement that the Republic of Albania has resumed its visa waiver program for citizens of Qatar, Wego reports.

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This allows them to enter the country without a prior visa from March 6 to December 31 of this year.

Albania’s decision to reactivate the visa waiver program demonstrates its commitment to promoting tourism and fostering closer ties with Qatar. This initiative not only streamlines the travel process but also enhances the ease of doing business and cultural exchange between the two nations.

This move comes as a welcome relief for Qatari citizens looking to explore Albania’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities without the hassle of obtaining a visa beforehand.

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For Qatari travelers planning a trip to Albania, it’s essential to familiarize themselves with the requirements and regulations governing their visit. While the visa waiver program facilitates entry into Albania, visitors must ensure they comply with all immigration procedures and adhere to local laws and customs during their stay.