With climate change hitting critical levels, the intensity of hurricanes was found to be increasing, as research had shown. One of the casualties of hurricane Dorian was the Bahamas, which hit their tourism footprint hard

However, the truth is that the Bahamas is open for business, and visiting would help them recover.

Nassau and other islands safe and running

While parts of the Bahamas were ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, some islands were not affected by the disaster. This includes the capital, Nassau, as well as Paradise Island, and The Exumas.

Paradise Island

Touring the immaculately kept Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve or snorkeling in the beautiful azure of Harbor Island are just some of the many options available.

The Bahamas “People to People Experience”

What better way to get to know all the hidden gems and authentic experiences than to get up close and personal with the local ambassadors?

Through this program, you would be paired with a local ambassador who would show you their favorite spots. You are matched according to your interests and hobbies, so you’d likely get an experience that would be tailored to your liking.

This helps local businesses get more tourism dollars, and also allows tourists to get a more genuine experience. What’s more? This program is entirely FREE!

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Support local lodging options

While there may be some spectacular resorts like The Atlantis and Baha Mar, choosing to stay at smaller, local resorts or at an Airbnb are equally excellent choices.

They are usually cheaper, and you have a more private, personal experience with a local flavor as well. Quieter beaches, more space to yourself, and authenticity. All while contributing more to the Bahamians!

Book your cheapest stay at the Bahamas

Shop and dine at local stores

Being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas has amazingly fresh and delicious seafood.

Before stepping into a Hard Rock Cafe or Outback Steakhouse, why not skip these American chains and instead go to a local bar or restaurant where you can get delightfully fresh local cuisine that’s always served with passion and a smile?

You’d be helping the locals and also getting a more bona fide experience of the Bahamas. And after lunch, you can shop for some local souvenirs for keepsake or as gifts for friends and family back home.

Volunteer or make a donation

You could volunteer by going down to ground zero yourself, which can be a gratifying and life-changing experience, be it providing medical expertise or helping to clear the rubble.

Otherwise, making a donation, either through cash or supplies, to one of the many charities and NGOs, is also a way to contribute to help the Bahamians. However, be sure to check the legitimacy of the charities before you donate!

The Bahamas need our help, and we can do so by continuing to support their tourism industry or through direct aid.