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Updated January 2024

For some travelers, obtaining a visa is mandatory before traveling to the UAE. However, if your Dubai & UAE visa application is rejected by the immigration authorities, it’s crucial to know how to handle the situation and what options are available to you.

In this article, Wego discusses what to do if your Dubai & UAE visa is rejected, so keep reading to learn more.

Dubai & UAE visa rejection

A UAE visa rejection means that an individual’s application for a visa to enter the UAE or Dubai has been denied by the relevant authorities. Applicants are usually informed and provided a letter by their country’s consulate or embassy stating the reason for the visa getting rejected.

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Dubai & UAE visa rejection reasons

There may be a number of reasons for your Dubai and UAE visas getting rejected. However, given below are some of the most common reasons for the Dubai & UAE visa rejection

Dubai & UAE visa rejection security reasons

Given below are some of the most common security reasons for the Dubai & UAE visa rejection:

  • handwritten passport copies: UAE Immigration automatically rejects applications with handwritten passport copies
  • typos or misinformation: Applications with typos in the name, passport number, profession code, or date of birth will likely face a delay or rejection
  • criminal record: Applicants with a criminal record, who have committed fraud or misconduct in the UAE, are likely to face rejection
  • photograph specifications: The photograph submitted with the visa application must meet the specified requirements, and a blurred or incorrect photo can result in a rejection
  • previous visa application: Applicants who previously applied for a tourist visa but did not enter the UAE may face rejection until their previous visa is canceled or extended
  • similar details: Applicants with similar names and dates of birth may face a rejection
  • failed employment visa: Applicants who applied for a UAE employment visa through a prospective employer but did not enter the country may also face a rejection

Dubai & UAE visa rejection medical reasons

It is mandatory for all expatriates seeking to obtain work permits or residence visas in UAE to be certified as medically fit and free of contagious diseases. However, expatriates not meeting the following conditions will face a Dubai & UAE visa rejection:

  • in the UAE, to be able to obtain a work/residence permit, foreign nationals are required to be free of all forms of communicable diseases, such as HIV and TB
  • the following categories of workers should test negative for syphilis and Hepatitis B:
    • workers in nurseries
    • domestic workers, including housemaids, nannies and drivers
    • food handlers and workers in restaurants and cafes
    • workers in saloons and beauty centres
    • workers in health clubs
  • female domestic workers must test negative for pregnancy
  • the emirate of Abu Dhabi screens foreign nationals to detect pulmonary tuberculosis by a chest x-ray. However, the emirate of Dubai does not
  • the medical fitness tests must be performed at government-approved health centres in the UAE in order for the UAE to grant or renew a residency visa

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Dubai & UAE visa rejection check

In case of a Dubai & UAE visa rejection, applicants are usually informed by their country’s consulate or embassy. The consulate or embassy usually provides a letter stating the reason for the visa getting rejected.

However, applicants might also have the option of checking their Dubai & UAE visa status or visa rejection through the country’s embassy website.

Please consult your country’s embassy or consulate regarding the procedure for checking the Dubai & UAE visa rejection reason.

Dubai & UAE visa rejection refund

Please note that the UAE immigration authorities do not offer refunds for rejected or unsuccessful Dubai and UAE visa applications. However, if applicants have paid a security deposit, it will be refunded within four international working days of the application being returned.

Can I reapply after getting my Dubai & UAE visa rejected?

Yes, you can reapply for a Dubai and UAE visa if your previous application was rejected. However, it’s recommended that you first find out the reason for the rejection and take steps to rectify the issue before reapplying.

You can ask your sponsor for the Dubai & UAE visa to visit the UAE immigration authorities to inquire about the reason for rejection and take appropriate measures. It’s important to ensure that your new application is free of errors and meets all the necessary requirements to avoid another rejection.

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