Having a budget for your travels doesn’t mean that you would have to slum it out. We all have different budgets for different items when we travel, so it’s about finding the right price points you’re comfortable with. Here are some ways you can get the most bang for your buck:

Do plenty of research

One of the common mistakes people make is jumping in too early after seeing a supposedly “great deal.” Before you click on that ‘confirm booking’ button, research on what alternatives there are and how much they cost. Flexible with your dates? Look out for the cheapest time to make your booking.

Using the Wego app, you’d be able to source for the cheapest flights with ease. The app shows you when the most affordable dates are to fly, and also makes a comparison on which site has the cheapest tickets if you need to fly on specific dates.

Prioritize what’s important to you

For some people, a 5-star hotel is an absolute must-have, for others, maybe they can’t fathom flying long haul on economy class. We all have our own quirks and preferences when we travel, and what may be necessary to someone else may not be to you. So cut out the static and focus on what choices would make you most happy.

Plan your activities beforehand

Analyze when peak and off-peak prices for attractions are, check what the cheapest way to get there is, and see if there any other sights you could catch along the way. People usually think that going on tours is more expensive and less authentic, but there are also plenty of tours that really just bring you to the destinations and let you explore each stop on your own.

Check out accommodation reviews

Sometimes shelling out that little extra for a better night’s sleep could make all the difference. If you end up in a place where you can’t rest well, it’s going to affect how much of your plans you’re able to cover. You also would likely be cranky and not enjoy the experience if you are exhausted.

Figure out the transportation options

Planes are essential for long-haul trips, but once you get to where you want to, try taking ground transportation instead. Buses, trains, or even renting a scooter or car. They’re typically very cheap, especially in Asia, and you get the chance to see some great views en route to your next destination.

When you’re in the city itself, would you be taking public transport or Uber? Would you be cycling or driving? Different cities accommodate different methods better and cheaper, so be sure to find out what the best and most cost-effective options are.

Minimize the cash you bring

That is to say, not to go entirely cashless. Bring some emergency cash, as well as some local currencies for last-minute or small purchases. Consider signing up for Revolut or MCO. They allow you to hold multiple currencies and provide you with real-time wholesale exchange rates too. You could use them directly as VISA/MasterCard debit cards or withdraw your funds as cash via a local ATM.

Expand your horizons

There are more options than just hostels when traveling on a budget. Airbnbs and some traditional bed and breakfasts can sometimes give you a far better deal than hostels. You get more authentic experiences, and not have to cram yourself in a room with a dozen other people.