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Updated February 2024

The ePhilID stands at the forefront of a revolutionary digital transformation in the Philippines’ identification systems. Emerging as a symbol of innovation and progress, it signifies a modern approach to identity verification, leveraging technology to provide unparalleled accessibility and convenience to individuals across the nation.

Join Wego in uncovering the details of the ePhilID, its importance, and its impact on the future of digital identity in the Philippines.

What is ePhilID?

The ePhilID, short for electronic Philippine Identification (PhilID), replicates the validity and functionality of its physical counterpart, the PhilID card. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into all forms of transactions, thereby granting registered individuals instant access to the manifold benefits of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys).

One of its key advantages is its facilitation of improved accessibility to a broader range of financial and social protection services, thus enhancing the quality of life for Filipinos across the nation.

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ePhilIDs are intended for individuals registered with PhilSys Numbers (PSNs), and they possess equivalent functionality and validity to physical cards.

Recently, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issued a public advisory reaffirming the recognition of the ePhilID and other digital formats of the PhilID across all transactions requiring proof of identity and age, provided that appropriate authentication measures are in place.

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ePhilID registration

To produce an ePhilID, you need to initially register in the PhilSys. However, at present, the PhilSys registration’s online Step 1 website is temporarily inactive to enhance the registration process for better convenience. To finalize your registration, kindly collect your required documents and proceed to the PhilSys registration center in your vicinity.

After completing your PhilSys registration, obtaining your ePhilID involves the following steps:

  • access the ePhilID Appointment System
  • provide your transaction number, found on the transaction slip given during your Step 2 registration
  • follow the prompts and attach the required information on the ePhilID Appointment System website

If you qualify for an ePhilID, you’ll be prompted to schedule an appointment and select a PhilSys registration center for collection. You’ll then receive a generated appointment slip. On the day of your appointment, bring this slip, along with one valid ID and your transaction number, to the designated PhilSys registration center to claim your ePhilID.

ePhilID appointment

Scheduling an appointment for your ePhilID requires a PhilSys Number (PSN), a unique and permanent identification number assigned to you upon completing the PhilSys registration process.

To check if you already have your PSN, visit the ePhilID Appointment System and enter your transaction reference number (TRN), a 29-digit code found on your transaction slip issued after Step 2 registration.

Keep in mind that claiming your printed ePhilID mandates your personal appearance during the appointment. Minors (below 18 years old) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when claiming their ePhilID.

ePhilID requirements

Below are the necessary requirements to obtain your ePhilID:

  • transaction reference number (TRN)
  • appointment slip
  • valid ID

ePhilID download

Implemented in December 2022, the downloadable version of the ePhilID grants registered individuals the ability to access a PDF copy of their ePhilID, which can be conveniently stored on their mobile devices. Similar to the printed version, it features a QR code that can be scanned through PhilSys Check at for verification purposes.

To download the ePhilID:

  1. Registered persons will receive a text message from the PSA containing a website link.
  2. They need to enter their transaction reference number (TRN) from the transaction slip provided after Step 2 registration, input their demographic information, and proceed to request a one-time password (OTP).
  3. After entering the OTP, the ePhilID becomes available for download. For security purposes, ePhilIDs are password-protected and can only be downloaded once on mobile devices.

If individuals have not yet received an SMS notification from the PSA regarding the downloadable ePhilID, they can check for the availability of their printed ePhilID by visiting the ePhilID Appointment System and claim it at any PhilSys registration center.

ePhilID cost

Much like the traditional PhilID card, acquiring the ePhilID incurs no charges, ensuring that access to this vital identification tool remains equitable and accessible to all segments of society.


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