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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has announced a new policy granting Qatari citizens a three-month entry visa upon arrival. This policy, as reported by Wego, is aimed at strengthening diplomatic relations and boosting tourism between Ethiopia and Qatar.


Under this new policy, Qatari citizens will be able to obtain their visas directly at Ethiopian airports. The visa fee will be determined based on the length of stay, making the process more accessible and straightforward. This initiative is part of Ethiopia’s broader strategy to attract more tourists and enhance economic cooperation with Qatar.

The decision to implement a three-month visa-on-arrival for Qatari citizens marks a significant step towards fostering stronger economic ties and mutual understanding between the two nations. It is expected to have positive implications for both countries.

Ethiopia, renowned for its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture, is an increasingly popular destination for international travelers. The Ethiopian government is encouraging Qatari citizens to discover the country’s diverse attractions, from the historic sites of Addis Ababa to the breathtaking landscapes of the Simien Mountains. This move is anticipated to further promote Ethiopia as a sought-after tourist destination.

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