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Updated February 2024

A passport holds significant importance for Qatari citizens planning to travel internationally, serving as both a vital travel document and a government-recognized identification credential. As such, it becomes crucial for Qatari nationals to be well-informed about the expenses involved in acquiring, renewing, or reissuing their Qatari passports.

In this article, Wego lists the fees involved in acquiring, renewing or reissuing your Qatari passport.

How to apply for a Qatari passport?

Citizens of Qatar, along with their children who are under the age of 16, can apply for a new Qatari passport or renew the same through the following methods:

  • by logging into the MOI e-services portal with your QID (Qatar Identification Document) smartcard and filling in the required information.
  • by visiting the Nationality and Travel Documents Department, and submitting the application form and appropriate documents. These are:
    • two personal photos, a QID copy, and the birth certificate copy for those who don’t have QID.
    • in case of issuing a new passport for children, a QID copy of the father and mother should be submitted, in addition to the birth certificate, and marriage contract.
  • by using the Metrash2 mobile application.
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Please note that fees for these services differ according to the type of service you have availed. Moreover, these costs are consistent for applications made from both within Qatar or through Qatar embassies in foreign countries.

Qatar passport price for new passport

The fee for issuing a new passport for Qatari nationals is QAR 100. 

Qatar passport price for renewing an existing passport

The fee for renewing an existing passport for Qatari nationals is QAR 100.

For more information on Qatar passport renewal, please visit our dedicated article below:

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Qatar passport price for replacing lost/damaged passport

The fee for replacing a lost/damaged passport for Qatari nationals is QAR 400. 


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