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Updated March 2024

Renewing your Qatari passport is a crucial process that guarantees uninterrupted international travel and preserves your citizenship status in Qatar. If you are in need of renewing your Qatari passport within Qatar, this article will serve as a guide, providing essential information to help streamline your passport renewal experience.

Read on as Wego unveils a streamlined process of renewing your Qatari passport in Qatar and ensure that you can continue to explore the world with ease while maintaining your status as a proud citizen of Qatar.

Qatar passport renewal in Qatar

Qatari passport holders typically renew their passports under the following circumstances:

  • validity expired or about to expire: If the passport’s validity is approaching expiration or has already expired, it can be renewed online through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website or offline through the Nationality and Travel Documents Department
  • lost/stolen or damaged passports: In cases where the passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged, individuals can apply for a new passport through the renewal process
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Where can Qataris renew their passport in Qatar?

Qatari passport holders in Qatar have two options for renewing their passports. They can choose to renew their passport either online through the Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) website or offline by visiting the Nationality and Travel Documents Department. Please find the details below.

Qatar passport renewal through MOI

Qatari citizens, along with their children under 16 years old, have the option to apply for the renewal of their Qatari passports conveniently online through the Ministry of Interior portal. As per Qatar’s government website, renewing your passport online can be done by following the steps below:

  • log in with your QID (Qatar Identification Document) smartcard to the MOI e-services portal.
  • select “Qatari Citizen Services” then “Qatari Documents.”
  • enter all the required information and pay the appropriate fees.

You will now be able to renew your passport.

Qatar passport renewal offline procedure appointment

To renew a Qatar passport offline, follow these steps:

  • download and fill out the application form from the MOI website
  • proceed to the Nationality and Travel Documents Department
  • present two passport-sized photographs, a QID copy, and a birth certificate copy for those who do not have the QID
  • in case of renewing passport for children, a QID copy of the father and mother should be submitted, along with a birth certificate and marriage contract
  • pay the required fees

Additionally, the printing of Qatari documents such as passports and ID cards is conducted at the primary headquarters of the Nationality and Travel Documents Department (Wadi Al Banat), along with service centers located in Al Khor, Al Wakra, Al Rayyan, and Mesaimeer.

They will operate between Sunday and Thursday during the specified hours:

Headquarters (Wadi Al-Banat)

  • morning shift: 7 AM – 12:30 PM
  • night shift: 1 PM – 6PM

Service centers (Al Khor, Al Wakra, Al Rayyan, and Mesaimeer)

  • morning shift only: 7 AM – 12:30 PM

Application guidelines

Please make sure to follow the following guidelines to renew your Qatari passport in Qatar:

  • the applicant must own a QID to use the online renewal service
  • the service can be obtained at any time once the applicant completes the transaction
  • the service is also available on the Metrash2 mobile application
  • the applicant should come in person if they are 12 years old or more (for the first time)

Qatar passport renewal in Qatar fee

The fees for Qatar passport renewal are as follows:

  • new or renewed passport: QAR100
  • replacement for lost/damaged passport: QR400


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