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Updated May 2023

If you’re planning to travel abroad and your passport is about to expire, it’s important to renew it as soon as possible. A passport is a vital travel document that allows you to enter and exit foreign countries, and it’s essential to have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining when you travel.

Keep reading to learn how you can get your UAE passport renewed.

UAE passport renewal

The UAE has the honor of having the strongest passport in the world, with visa-free travel to 133 countries and visa-on-arrival facilities in 35 countries. If you’re an Emirati passport holder looking to do some traveling in 2023, it’s imperative to ensure your passport remains valid.

UAE passport renewal online

To renew your UAE passport online, you can utilize the ICP Smart Services system. Please follow the steps below:

  • visit the ICP passport renewal portal and log in. If you’ve yet to create a UAE Pass account, please register
  • select the “Issuing a passport” service
  • provide the requested, where applicable
  • pay the service fee (if any)

You’ll then receive a confirmation email concerning your passport renewal request. Once your application has been completed, you will receive your renewed passport through an approved delivery company.

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UAE passport renewal through an appointment

In special cases only, applications for a passport renewal are accepted at ICP’s Customer Happiness Centres. Unlike electronic services, appointments for an offline passport renewal are available only during the working hours of the particular centre. The waiting time is only 5 minutes, while the appointment takes about 7 minutes.

You can check your closest Customer Happiness Centre and its timings here. Please note that not all centres provide the passport renewal service, so make sure you check your centre’s list of services offered beforehand.

UAE passport renewal requirements

Renewing the UAE passport requires the following documents:

  • old passport
  • original and a copy of the Emirates ID card
  • original and a copy of the family book
  • a photo meeting the latest requirements
  • a letter from the sponsor (optional)

UAE passport photo requirements

According to the latest guidelines issued by the Emirati government, photographs taken for identification purposes should meet the following specifications in order to be accepted by smart readers in line with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO):

  • image: The image itself must be a high-quality one. It must be coloured and cannot be older than six months. The dimensions of the photo must be 35mm X 40mm.
  • background: The background of the image must be white
  • features: Neutral, natural expressions must be maintained; they must not be exaggerated
  • head position: The head must be straight, not tilted, and must be parallel to the photographic lens
  • eyes: Open towards the camera and without coloured lenses
  • glasses: Acceptable as long as they do not obscure the eyes and do not reflect light
  • dress code: The official dress of the UAE (for citizens)
  • head covering: Allowed according to national dress or religious belief
  • resolution (pixels): At least 600 dpi without ink traces or shrinkage

UAE passport renewal fees

The fees for passport renewal in the UAE are as below:

  • request fee: AED 10
  • issue fee: AED 40
  • delivery fee: AED 15

Payments have to be made by credit card.

UAE passport renewal abroad

UAE nationals living in foreign countries for the purpose of education, medical treatment, or work can renew their Emirati passport through the UAE embassy in their respective countries in coordination with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Documents required

Overseas Emiratis need to submit the following to renew their UAE passport:

  • old passport copy
  • attach detailed information proving that the UAE national is abroad
  • a personal photograph

Renewal process

To apply for UAE passport renewal abroad, follow the below steps.

  • log into one of MoFAIC smart channels via UAE Pass (available on Google Play and App Store) by entering your existing UAE Pass username and password. If you haven’t used UAE Pass before, you’ll need to create a new account.
  • from the “Individual Services” tab, select “Issue Passports and Return Documents”. Then choose the “Passport Renewal for UAE Nationals Abroad” service. Finally, click “Start Service” to fill out the application form
  • you will soon receive an SMS notification to visit the mission to collect your renewed passport and surrender the original old passport

Renewal cost and processing time

The UAE passport renewal service through overseas embassies costs AED 60 and should take about 20 working days. This service is not available on an emergency basis, but an emergency passport can be granted instead.

UAE passport renewal processing time

The renewed passport is issued electronically after 48 hours from receipt and acceptance of the renewal request. In the case of applications through the Customer Happiness Centres, it takes only 24 hours to complete processing.

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