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Updated February 2024

Kuwait Civil ID is a mandatory document for both Kuwaiti citizens and residents, serving as their identification card. This card is utilized for various purposes, including accessing government services, opening bank accounts, and applying for jobs. However, this ID card is valid only for 10 years.

If your current civil ID card expires or is about to expire, you have to renew it. Wego has noted down all the important you need to know for your Kuwait Civil ID renewal. Keep reading to learn more.

Kuwait Civil ID renewal 2024

As previously mentioned, a Kuwait Civil ID card is valid only for 10 years. If your current civil ID card is nearing its expiration date or has already expired, it is necessary to renew it. You can check the status of your Kuwait Civil ID on the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) website.

Kuwait Civil ID Check: How To Check Your Kuwait Civil ID Status?

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Kuwait Civil ID renewal process

Required documents

Before initiating the renewal process, you are required to prepare these documents:

  • a copy of your passport
  • your current civil ID card
  • a copy of the residence permit
  • your present photograph, meeting the proper size and requirements

Application process

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Renewing a Kuwait Civil ID is a straightforward process. Please refer to the following steps for guidance:

  • visit PACI website
  • select “Card Renewal” 
  • enter your Civil ID number
  • follow on-screen instructions and upload necessary documents 
  • pay the renewal fees
  • wait for the new card to be delivered

Kuwait Civil ID renewal fees

According to some sources, there is a charge of KWD 5 to 20 for obtaining a new Civil ID card which can be paid by a credit card or cash. However, we advise you to confirm the exact fees while renewing your Civil ID for the most up-to-date and accurate rates.

Kuwait Civil ID renewal status check

To check the status of your renewal process:

  • access the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information
  • click on “Card Status” icon.
  • enter the Civil ID number.
  • click submit.
  • the official website shows the status of the card

Alternatively, Kuwaiti citizens, residents, and expatriates can inquire about their new civil card status using the voicemail feature by applying the following steps.

  • call the customer service number 188988.
  • follow the instructions to select the language.
  • click on 1 to go to the query service.
  • type the ID number, then wait for the result.

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