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As Saudi Arabia commemorates the 8th anniversary of Vision 2030, the nation celebrates remarkable achievements across various sectors. As reported by Wego, citing the Saudi Press Agency, the tourism sector stands out as a beacon of success, showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to becoming a global tourism hub.

Impressive visitor numbers

The Kingdom welcomed a total of 106 million visitors in 2023, marking a significant milestone in its journey to become one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism destinations. Of these, 27.4 million were international tourists, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s growing allure on the global tourism map.

Record-breaking Umrah performances

In 2023, Saudi Arabia experienced an unprecedented influx of Umrah performers from abroad, with the number reaching a staggering 13.56 million. This figure not only exceeded the set target of 10 million but also established a new record, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s growing appeal as a destination for religious tourism. The increase in Umrah performers can be attributed to the successful implementation of Vision 2030 initiatives, which are specifically aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and services for religious tourism.

Expo 2030 hosting rights secured

Riyadh’s successful bid to host Expo 2030 was a significant victory for Saudi Arabia on the international stage. By securing the hosting rights against strong contenders like Busan (Korea) and Rome (Italy), the Kingdom demonstrated its growing influence and readiness to host large-scale global events. The Expo 2030 will not only spotlight Saudi Arabia’s advancements under Vision 2030 but also provide a platform for global dialogue and collaboration, further cementing its position as a key player in the international community.

These achievements highlight the tangible effects of Vision 2030 on the tourism sector, indicating potential for continued growth and development. As Saudi Arabia progresses, the tourism sector serves as a clear indicator of the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts to fulfill its Vision 2030 objectives.

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