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Saudia, the flag carrier airline of Saudi Arabia, has unveiled its striking new Visit Red Sea aircraft livery in partnership with The Wings of Vision 2030 Saudi Airlines. As reported by Wego, this dynamic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s journey toward realizing its ambitious goals under the Vision 2030 initiative, positioning the Kingdom as a modern, high-tech, and sustainable travel destination of the future.

Taking Off with Visit Red Sea

The Visit Red Sea livery, proudly launched by Saudia, serves as a vibrant symbol of the Kingdom’s commitment to regenerative tourism and its place on the global tourism map.


As announced by Red Sea Global, this collaboration aims to usher in a new era of tourism, drawing visitors from across the globe to the exquisite Red Sea region on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

The Red Sea: A Luxury Tourism Gem

Located 500 kilometers north of Jeddah, between the Saudi towns of Al Wajh and Umluj, the Red Sea is a premier luxury tourism destination. It boasts its dedicated Red Sea International Airport, making it conveniently accessible to visitors worldwide.

Furthermore, its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa means that 250 million people are just three hours away from this captivating destination.

Saudi Vision 2030: A Blueprint for Transformation

Launching the “Visit Red Sea” livery is part of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 initiative. This visionary blueprint aims to transform the Kingdom into a modern, high-tech, sustainable travel destination with cutting-edge features and amenities.

One of the standout projects under Saudi Vision 2030 is The Red Sea Project. Spanning the Western coast of Saudi Arabia, between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh, this initiative encompasses a massive luxury and sustainable tourism undertaking. It includes a vast nature reserve featuring approximately 90 pristine islands, dormant volcanoes, heritage sites, and coral reef dive areas, set to redefine luxury tourism in the region.

As Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud articulated, Saudi Vision 2030 is an ambitious yet attainable blueprint that outlines the country’s long-term goals and expectations, leveraging its strengths and capabilities.

The initiative aims to create a more innovative, livable, and entrepreneurial Saudi Arabia through comprehensive economic and social reforms, ensuring prosperity for every citizen and the Kingdom.

Saudia’s “Visit Red Sea” livery launch is not merely a cosmetic change but a decisive step toward realizing the Vision 2030 dream. With this captivating livery gracing its aircraft, Saudia is set to play a pivotal role in bringing tourists to the Red Sea and showcasing the Kingdom’s commitment to a vibrant and sustainable future.