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Reviewed April 2024

Expo 2030, under the direction of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), emerges as the 37th iteration of the World Expo. Renowned for cultivating innovation, cultural interchange, and progress, these international exhibitions have a historical legacy of introducing groundbreaking inventions and iconic landmarks.

Read on as Wego delves into the layers of this groundbreaking event, exploring its significance, diverse offerings, and global potential for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and beyond.

What is Expo 2030?

Expo 2030, under the guidance of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), signifies the 37th edition of the World Expo, a longstanding tradition with a history of over 170 years. Serving as a global exhibition dedicated to education, the Expo serves as a catalyst for advancement, cooperation, and innovative ideas.

It offers forums for cultural exchange, dialogue, and diplomatic connections, attracting millions of attendees worldwide to explore the pavilions of participating nations and partake in a rich array of cultural and entertainment experiences.

Throughout history, World Expos have been the debut stages for groundbreaking creations and iconic landmarks. Notable innovations like the Eiffel Tower, the Ferris Wheel, the telephone, the typewriter, television, and the computer were first showcased or introduced within these grand events.

Expo 2030 winner announcement

Riyadh secured the opportunity to host Expo 2030 by triumphing over two other contenders: Busan, South Korea, and Rome, Italy. Garnering 119 votes out of 165 from BIE member states, Riyadh outpaced Busan, which received 29 votes, and Rome, which received 17 votes.

The success of Riyadh’s bid stemmed from its forward-looking vision, aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to forge a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity. Emphasizing its strategic geographical position, cultural diversity, economic promise, and dedication to innovation and transformation, Riyadh showcased its strengths.

This marks Riyadh as the second Arab city chosen to host a World Expo, following Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the host of Expo 2020. Additionally, Riyadh stands as the pioneer city in the Middle East and North Africa region to hold a World Expo in the 21st century.

Expo 2030 dates

The Expo 2030 will be held in Riyadh from 1 October 2030 to 31 March 2031.

Expo 2030 location

Expo 2030 is slated to be held across a 5.4 square kilometer area near King Salman International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, seamlessly linked to the city center through a metro line.

Within this expansive site, there will be over 226 exhibition pavilions alongside key features such as a central plaza, cultural center, convention space, media hub, and a park.

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Expo 2030 theme

Under the overarching theme of “The Era of Change: Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow,” Expo 2030 delves into present and future challenges and opportunities. This theme branches into three focal points: “A Different Tomorrow,” exploring technology and innovation’s impact on society and the environment; “Climate Action,” tackling urgent measures against climate change; and “Prosperity for All,” emphasizing inclusive and equitable global development.

Envisaging 40 million attendees, including 15 million international guests, Expo 2030 promises a diverse schedule comprising events, exhibitions, performances, workshops, forums, and festivals. Moreover, it aims to serve as a global platform fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a display of exemplary solutions for humanity’s common issues.

For Riyadh, Expo 2030 presents an unparalleled chance to exhibit its cultural richness, heritage, accomplishments, and its forward-looking vision. Beyond showcasing, it stands as a catalyst propelling economic, social, and environmental growth not only for Riyadh but also for Saudi Arabia and the wider region.


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