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Updated April 2024

Canada has long been renowned as a sought-after destination for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons and engage in new experiences, such as pursuing work opportunities and education or immersing themselves in the country’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture.

Obtaining a visa is crucial for legal entry into Canada from abroad. However, the process can often be costly and may significantly impact your decision-making. In this article, Wego will shed light on the current Canada visa fees applicable in 2024.

Canada visa fees 2024

If you plan to go to Canada in 2024, it’s good to know how much your visa will cost. The fees depend on the type and length of your visit – visitor visa, eTA, work permit, or study permit – each with different processing times and costs. You’ll also need to pay for biometrics like fingerprints and a digital photo. Here are some of the price breakdowns.

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Visitor visa

A visitor visa serves as an official document to verify that you meet the requirements for visiting Canada for various purposes, including travel, business meetings, family visits, or stopovers. It falls within the temporary residence category and allows you to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months.

  • individual cost: CAD 100 per person
  • family cost (1 fee per family of 5 or more individuals): CAD 500
  • visa extension cost (per person): CAD 100
  • restoration cost: CAD 200

Note that these fees also apply to Canada super visas. Also, the family cost will only be eligible if all family members apply at the same place and time, and children must qualify as dependents.

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Student visa

A study permit is a necessary document that allows you to pursue your studies at a designated learning institution in Canada. This official permit is required for academic, professional, or vocational training at any Canadian educational institution. Typically, the study permit remains valid for the duration of your entire course, as well as an additional year.

  • application fee: CAD 150
  • biometrics (per person): CAD 85
  • restoration cost: CAD 350

Work visa

A work permit is a document that enables non-Canadian citizens to legally work in Canada temporarily for an employer. It is usually tied to specific employment arrangements with designated employers and has a limited validity period.

  • application fee (including extensions – per person): CAD 155
  • application fee (including extensions – 3 or more performing artists): CAD 465
  • open work permit holder: CAD 100
  • restoration cost: CAD 355

Permanent resident visa

A Canada permanent resident visa grants foreign individuals the opportunity to work and live in Canada indefinitely, subject to certain conditions. The associated costs vary depending on the immigration program, number of applicants, and processing time, ranging from CAD 100 to 2000+ or more. With the exception of the sponsored relatives’ right of permanent residence fee, most charges are non-refundable. These charges include the application fee, interview fee, legalization fee, and others.

Furthermore, do note that starting 30 April 2024, applicants for Canadian permanent residence will encounter increased fees as part of a regular update process. The upcoming changes in fees, which apply to all permanent resident applications, signify the Canadian government’s commitment to managing the costs associated with immigration processes while ensuring the sustainability of immigration programs.

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