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Updated 22 June 2022

March saw the end of six glorious months of Expo 2020 Dubai, which witnessed millions of visitors all over the globe flock to Dubai to witness the 6-month mega event. World-class music, sporting events, stunning pavilions and everyday family-friendly entertainment kept visitors hooked to Expo 2020. 

But now that the Expo is over, what does the future of the world fair look like? Well, we have good news for you. Expo 2020 Dubai will soon be revamped and open to visitors as Expo City Dubai.

Expo City Dubai opening

Dubai is currently transforming the Expo site into a brand new destination, Expo City Dubai. The new destination will play a vital role in the development of Dubai 2040, a comprehensive master plan focused on the sustainable urban development of Dubai. Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Expo City will be one of the five urban centers pinpointed in the master plan.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, encapsulated the spirit of the upcoming destination, describing it as “a city that represents the most beautiful ambitions of Dubai, Expo City Dubai will be an environmentally-friendly city, one friendly to families, to the economy, and future generations.”

The primary goal behind the initiative is to enhance people’s happiness and quality of life and reinforce Dubai as a global destination for citizens, residents and visitors alike.

Sustainability and eco-friendly 

With a sharp focus on sustainability, nearly 80 percent of Expo-built infrastructure will be retained and repurposed in the new city. Other highlights include:

  • No single-use plastic.
  • LEED-certified buildings.
  • A sustainable community that prioritizes the environment’s positive impact on human wellness.

Care has been put to ensure that the city is human-centric, accessible only by pedestrians with no cars or heavy vehicles, thereby carrying forward the sustainability legacy of Expo 2020. Expo City Dubai would be environment-friendly with buggies to transport visitors. When it is open, the development shall have cycling tracks, running tracks and more than 45,000 sqm of parks and gardens.

Expo attractions

Al Wasl Dome, the world’s largest 360-degree projection screen, will remain open. Garden in the Sky, a rotating observation tower that lifts visitors 55 meters above the site for a panoramic view, will also continue hosting guests. Expo’s iconic water feature, which became a popular spot for people to cool down during scorching temperatures, will also be open.

A paid-for attraction pass will be launched to give visitors access to these experiences.

Expo Pavilions 

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Luxembourg and Australia pavilions are among those that will stay open and give new experiences to visitors. The Opportunity Pavilion, which attracted large crowds for its innovative displays on water, food and energy, will be transformed into the Expo 2020 Dubai Museum. It will highlight the history and impact of world expos and celebrate the success of the six-month event held in Dubai.

The Mobility and Sustainability pavilions will stay open to offer visitors interactive educational experiences, including science, technology, engineers, arts, mathematics and culture. The Women’s Pavilion will continue to show how women have contributed to societies worldwide and will focus on driving gender equality and women empowerment. The Vision pavilion will honour the life and vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. In addition, the Alif and Terra pavilions will also remain open for the public.

When will Expo City Dubai open?

Expo City Dubai is scheduled to be open to the public from October 2022 onwards. Entry to the Expo district itself will be free but you will need a paid visitor pass to enter the pavilions. The 4.38 square kilometre site will cater to visitors and tenants who will live in one of the 2,000 apartments.


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