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Updated 4 October 2021

Expo 2020 Dubai has officially been opened and we simply can’t wait to pay the world fair a visit and discover what awaits us during the course of the next six months. With millions of visitors expected to pay the mega event a visit, everyone naturally has their own take on which pavilions rank higher on their priority list.

As for us, we’ve planned to immediately visit a number of pavilions on the opening days of the expo. Here’s our list of the top pavilions we’re really looking forward to seeing.

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UAE pavilion

Naturally, the UAE is on top of our must-visit list. As the host of the international exhibition, it’s only natural for the world to expect the UAE pavilion to go above and beyond in showcasing the country’s vision for the future. 

The host of the world exhibition came up with something very special; the UAE pavilion resembles a giant falcon to match the country’s heraldic animal. The steel plumage of the pavilion is sure to become one of the design highlights at Expo 2020.

The falcon pavilion fits the theme of this year’s exhibition perfectly. UAE founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, once sent falcons to connect the tribes of the region with one another. Today the bird of prey symbolizes the unity of people all over the world. 

Visitors can discover the Emirati culture and its achievements in all four floors of the UAE pavilion spanning 10,000 square meters.


Germany Pavilion

Officially called “Campus Pavilion,” the German Pavilion is dedicated to showcasing education as a means of tackling and detailing the issues and ideas in the topic of sustainability. Furthermore, concepts for environmental protection from Germany are to be properly presented.

As the name suggests, the beginning of the experience requires all guests to ‘enrol’ before proceeding into the ‘Welcome Hall’ where a pool containing some 100,000 balls awaits. Each of the 100,000 balls either tells a story or introduces a person in Germany committed to sustainability. To access these unique stories, visitors will only need to place a ball on a reader for a short presentation. Afterwards, visitors may choose to attend various seminars, such as the “Energy Lab” or the “Future City Lab.”

After successfully completing the Campus, all visitors are ushered into the “Graduation Hall” signifying the completion of the educational experience.  


Spain Pavilion

The Spain Pavilion’s architecture stands out due to the nine inflatable cylinders present on its roof, which utilizes a special lightweight material called ETFE. As such, the pavilion’s cone-like structure ensures natural cooling.

Under the mobility theme, the Spain Pavilion showcases the Hyperloop Z01, which is designed to reach speeds of up to 1,000 kilometers per hour. The Z01 is a six-meter hyperloop carriage model that provides visitors with glimpses of what a high-tech and high-speed transport technology will be able to offer once it’s been perfected. 


The Netherlands Pavilion

The Netherlands Pavilion houses a vertical farm with edible plants and solar-powered rain showers which celebrates our reliance on nature. The pavilion showcases ways of achieving sustainable solutions through out-of-the-box creativity.

Serving as the pavilion’s centerpiece, the giant green cone is covered in edible plants, irrigated with the harvested water. The food cone features perfect conditions for growing oyster mushrooms while keeping the pavilion cool. The humidified air, rich in CO2, also provides the perfect climate to grow the edible plants outside of the cone.


Singapore Pavilion

Singapore’s intentions to introduce visitors to a microcosm of the country’s transformed landscape are the main highlight of the Singapore Pavilion. Further, the pavilion also emphasizes how Singapore is continuously working to improve quality of life, sustainability and resilience through innovative urban solutions.

Visitors will be immersed in a creative and awe-inspiring journey of individual and collective discoveries. Ultimately, visitors will gain an understanding of Singapore’s evolution as a city fostering a synergistic relationship between the community, nature and urban development to create opportunities for the future.


New Zealand Pavilion

New Zealand’s focus is on the topic of sustainability. With its ‘Care for People and Place motto, the New Zealand Pavilion embraces the ancient Maori wisdom of ‘kaitiakitanga,’ which is a concept based on the profoundly deep kinship existing between humans and nature.

In the pavilion, New Zealand innovations, culinary highlights and special design objects will be presented. Visitors will be able to learn and connect with a nation that’s constantly striving to churn out innovations to further care for people and places. 


Belgium Pavilion

The Belgium Pavilion is a sight to behold. Aesthetically, the pavilion is entirely in tune with the times by utilizing exquisite woodwork covered with vegetation. The pavilion focuses on ‘Smart & Green Belgium 2050’ which greatly values the ​​Belgian industrial, technological and scientific achievements by promoting a circular economy devoid of waste. The layout of the pavilion, for its part, illustrates the mobility of tomorrow through an intelligent and fun experience.