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Updated August 2023

The Gamers8 event in Saudi Arabia is a global gaming and Esports festival from the creators of Gamers Without Borders. This mega gaming event is being held in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, from 6 July 2023.

Read on as Wego tells you everything you need to know about this global gaming and Esports festival taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Gamers8 Saudi Arabia

The Gamers8 event in Saudi Arabia is a global gaming and Esports festival from the creators of Gamers Without Borders. This mega-gaming event is being held in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, on 6 July 2023. The event will span several weeks, concluding in September 2023.

With an aim to offer a number of elite and competitive tournaments, entertainment, activities and attractions, astonishing music concerts, shows, and more, the Gamers8 event will also reportedly conclude with a gaming and Esports summit that brings together sector leaders and experts from around the world.

Moreover, the high-grade gaming competitions, between local teams as well as international teams, will host the biggest Esports teams in the world across five different titles with a total prize pool of $30 million (SAR 112,615,980).

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Gamers8 Saudi Arabia location

The Gamers8 event is being held in the Boulevard Riyadh City, located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. It is a 220-acre (89 ha) perennial recreational and commercial complex in the Hittin neighborhood of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, located next to the Boulevard World. The Boulevard Riyadh City is also the home of the annual Riyadh Season

Gamers8 Saudi Arabia attractions

Kicking off on July 6th, 2023, and spanning a dynamic 8-week journey culminating in September, the spotlight shines on Gamers8 has merged the gaming realm with entertainment, captivating both ardent gamers and those new to the scene.

The Gamers8 spectacle has already borne witness to an array of events that cater to every taste. From fiercely contested elite tournaments that push the boundaries of skill to a diverse range of entertainment, activities, and attractions. Gamers8 has also been witness to a lineup of music concerts and captivating shows, with concerts, drone shows and fireworks every Friday.

Gamers8 is in full swing, offering an experience that’s not just about competition but a holistic blend of excitement. As the event unfolds over these 8 weeks, it’s clear that Saudi Arabia has set the stage for a unique convergence of gaming and entertainment that’s bound to leave a lasting mark. Here are some of the events that have taken place, or will take place soon, at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia.


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The Gamers8 event in Saudi Arabia would be bringing together the world’s most popular and renowned Esports teams to compete for different titles with a total prize pool of $45 million. Some of the breathtaking tournaments are:

FIFAe Nations Cup 2023

This tournament, presented in collaboration with EA Sports, was held from July 11 – July 14, with a prize pool of $1 million. It featured nations competing from around the world, with national teammates playing against other nationals in a 2v2 format.


One of the most popular events at Gamers8, Fortnite, made a return this year. The tournament, played between the top 44 duos, witnessed fearsome competition and action-packed drama. It was held from July 6 – July 9, with a total prize pool of $2 million.


Tekken7 was held at Gamers8 for the first time this year, from July 6 – July 9. The tournament saw 16 national teams from all over the world, fighting for a prize pool of $1 million.

World Invitational PUBG Mobile

PMWI is a yearly summer event that occurs during the Gamers8 festival. This year, PMWI was distinctively split into 2 separate stages: all stars & main tournament. The all stars stage
kicked off the 2023 PMWI festivities, featuring 18 of the most popular teams around the world voted for by the community.

Street Fighter

With the highly anticipated release of Street Fighter 6, this tournament is one of the highly anticipated ones in the upcoming lineup of Gamers8. It will be held from August 10 – August 13, with an unprecedented prize pool of $1 million, giving you the chance to witness this incredible showdown.

Rocket League

Rocket League will witness 24 top-notch teams will battle it out for supremacy on the virtual field. the tournament will be held from August 24 – August 27, with an attractive prize pool of $2 million.

Music concerts

Keeping up to its promise of being a unique blend of gaming and entertainment, the Gamers8 event also brings out the top musical talent and the biggest stars, with musical concerts every Friday. At the time of writing, Gamers8 has hosted 5 of these weekly concerts, drawing crowds in huge numbers. Some of the major artists featured in these concerts are DJ Snake, Imagine Dragons, Afrojack, Macklemore and Alan Walker.

All of the concerts are being held at the Boulevard Riyadh City. Here are the details about the upcoming concerts at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia.

Week 6 concert

The Week 6 concert will be held on August 11, 2023. The lineup includes artists like Ava Max, Steve Angello and Blacky, among others.

Week 7 concert

The Week 7 concert will be held on August 18, 2023. The lineup includes artists like Tyga, Steve Aoki, Myriam Fares and Cosmicat, among others.

Week 8 concert

The Week 8 concert will be held on August 25, 2023. The lineup includes artists like Iggy Azalea, DJ Soda, Sherine and Zeina, among others.

Festivals, zones and activities

The biggest global gaming and Esports festival, the Gamers8 event, does not only showcase elite and competitive Esports tournaments but also displays a variety of festivals and zones with fun activities for the patrons planning to visit this mega event.

Home to 1,000 activities and attractions, fun-packed events, shows and futuristic experiences, the Gamers8 event brought the virtual world of gaming out into the physical domain. 

Here are some of the most popular zones at Gamers8, and some of the activities being held:


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Presented by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors,  Japamura is a Japanese corner featuring a variety of creative and delightful attractions from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. The visitors could choose from a variety of activities, including the chance to discover the Ninja Dojo, join an Origami class, witness enthralling stage performances or simply explore Japanese culture while wearing Japanese Yukata and Kawaii pictures!

Abo Flah’s World

This zone is for aspiring content creators, who get a chance to interact and learn about creating content that garners massive views on the internet, straight from Abo Flah. The zone also features several fun-filled activities and workshops, such as a meet and greet with Abo Flah, a guess the game challenge and a ‘Last Hand on Car Wins the Car’ challenge.

POWR Villa by STCPlay

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The POWR Villa, presented by KFC, features one of Saudi’s most famous esports teams having their own villa in the Gamers8 season featuring 16 content creators. The villa further includes an academy, and workshops, providing an opportunity for fans to meet and greet their favorite content creators, such as Suhaib and Shong. You can also indulge in some of the latest games, like Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8.

Peaky Blinders

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GAMERS8 will be hosting an exclusive immersive experience “PEAKY BLINDERS: The Rise”, where the crime boss Tommy Shelby personally invites you to his family’s Camden warehouse, to share an expansion plan that could prove lucrative for everyone.

Aramco SIM Arena

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The Aramco SIM Arena features SIM racing, enabling you to feel the thrill of an actual F1 car, a history of motorsport section with some of the coolest cars from over the decades, a VR component, and a gaming area with Gran Turismo.

Kids Dome

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Kids Dome is a venue dedicated for kids and families to play and enjoy well-known games like Barbie, Pac-Man and other interactive experiences, live shows and performances!

Game Dev Zone

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If you want to get into the world of game development, Gamers8, in collaboration with NINE66, is presenting a list of workshops for you to choose from. The workshops range from beginner levels to professional levels, ranging from game programming, sound and music, Roblox, VR/AR and so much more!

Gamers8 Saudi Arabia tickets

Tickets for all the events, including an All Access Pass, can be bought from the Gamers8 website. You can also register for the invitational tournaments, any of the courses and workshops in the Game Dev Zone and purchase tickets for the music concerts from the website.

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