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Often hailed as an emerging superpower, Brazil captivates with its iconic landmarks, from the awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls. However, the journey towards realizing the Brazilian dream has been fraught with challenges due to a myriad of political and economic factors. This raises an intriguing question: Can travelers strategically plan a trip to Brazil, taking into account its economic position on the global stage?

Explore how to optimize your Brazilian adventure amidst economic instability in this insightful feature from Wego.

Brazil’s economic scene

United States Dollar to Brazilian Real

In the early years of the 21st century (2000-2012), Brazil underwent a remarkable economic upswing, positioning itself as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This achievement was driven by strong exports of commodities such as raw sugar, soybeans, and iron ore, coupled with a substantial influx of international investments. Goldman Sachs even predicted that the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) would rapidly evolve into global superpowers.

However, this optimistic projection did not come to fruition for Brazil. The very factor that initially spurred its economic growth became a stumbling block. Brazil’s heavy dependence on commodity exports made it susceptible to global market fluctuations. As global demand waned and prices plummeted, the Brazilian economy took a hit. 

Furthermore, then-President Dilma Rousseff’s decisions, including increased pensions and reduced taxes, further depleted the nation’s reserves. This economic downturn led to Brazil being perceived as an economically unreliable country, prompting investors to withdraw their funds. 

Yet, in the post-pandemic era, the situation has taken a turn. There has been a notable resurgence in commodity demand, significantly improving Brazil’s economic stability.

Should you convert your currency to Brazilian Real now?

The Brazilian economy has been known for its instability, leading to fluctuations in the value of the Brazilian real against the United States dollar. However, it is worth noting that these fluctuations have not been significant in amplitude. When analyzing charts for the US dollar versus the Brazilian real over the past year, it’s evident that the entire range of fluctuations amounted to only fifty cents.

Many are interested in the Brazilian real’s potential appreciation. The increasing international demand for commodities, along with the resolution of political turmoil, has made the country attractive for foreign investments once again. This positive scenario could contribute to an economic resurgence, propelling the nation to surpass its previous glory and exceed the levels of prosperity witnessed a decade ago.

Therefore, if you subscribe to this theory, converting your currency now might just prove to be a strategic move. Anticipating a potential increase in the value of the Brazilian real could provide more value for your money and render future travel more cost-effective. Moreover, an appreciation of the Real could translate into significant savings for your future travels.

Should you make your bookings now?

As discussed in the previous section, the Brazilian real is neither depreciating nor surging compared to the United States dollar. However, due to its contribution to the export of commodities and an increase in international investments, the Brazilian real’s value may appreciate. For this reason, if you are planning a trip in the future, you might want to consider booking your trip now.

Book Cheap Flights to Brazil Book Cheap Flights to Brazil



On average, hotel prices for immediate bookings and those made a few months in advance tend to be similar. You might notice a slight increase of USD 10 or 20 when booking in advance. This is because hotels often reduce prices for immediate dates when they have many unbooked rooms, aiming to attract more guests. You can capitalize on this situation and maximize your savings by booking just a few days before arriving in Brazil.

However, this strategy is most effective during off-seasons when demand is lower. During peak vacation and holiday times, hotels are typically fully booked in advance, making this approach less practical.

Wego hotel price for March 2024 stay

Wego hotel price for August 2024 stay

In March, the rate for a room at the five-star Windsor Barra hotel stands at USD 106. However, for bookings in August, the price for the same hotel escalates to USD 134. This pattern of fluctuating prices depending on the time of year is common among most hotels.

Wego hotel price for March 2024 stay

Wego hotel price for August 2024 stay

To illustrate a contrasting scenario, let’s take the Grand Hyatt, a prestigious five-star hotel in Sao Paulo. This hotel consistently experiences high demand, as reflected in the number of reviews. However, its pricing dynamics deviate from the norm. Here, booking for an imminent date incurs a higher cost, while making reservations in advance offers a lower (standard) rate.

When selecting a property to book, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the travel season and the hotel’s location. While immediate bookings generally yield lower rates, it’s important to be mindful of certain hotels that may not follow this trend, as exemplified by the Grand Hyatt.

Book Your Stay in Brazil Book Your Stay in Brazil



Flight fares to Brazil currently match pre-pandemic prices. However, the fare peaks during Brazil’s 2024 vacation, holiday, or tourist seasons are higher than those recorded in 2019. To optimize savings, it could be beneficial to convert your currency now. Despite the overall instability, Brazil’s economy is showing an upward trend. This strategy could prove advantageous, particularly when combined with periods of low flight fares.

Next, we’ll delve into the trend of flight prices from two prominent Middle Eastern cities to Brazil’s two most popular destinations.

Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Dubai to Sao Paulo


Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro


Turning our attention to Dubai, we notice substantial increases in fares to both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Dubai’s vacation periods, which occur from late March to mid-April (spring), late June to early September (summer), and mid-December to early January (winter), lead to a surge in flight demand. This heightened demand during the vacation periods results in a sharp rise in flight prices, as evident in the graphs above.

Flight prices from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro on Wego for 26 March 2024


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The data shows that Sao Paulo is a popular destination for travelers from Dubai during spring break. Before the pandemic, the peak price reached USD 3,243, but interestingly, this figure dropped to USD 1,956 post-pandemic. Conversely, for Rio de Janeiro, the scenario is markedly different. From August to September, the price nearly tripled, hitting a high of USD 3,526 last year.

Flight prices from Dubai to Sao Paulo on Wego for 26 March 2024


Book Cheap Flights from Dubai to Sao Paulo Book Cheap Flights from Dubai to Sao Paulo


Overall, flight prices are roughly on par with pre-pandemic levels, barring peak seasons. Given the relatively low average flight prices, spring break in the UAE may present an ideal opportunity to visit popular Brazilian destinations.

As we enter 2024, flight prices from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro saw a notable decrease, with the average price in January standing at USD 1,176. Concurrently, fares to Sao Paulo have consistently remained low, currently averaging USD 1,304.

This scenario opens up a prime opportunity for Dubai residents to embark on an exploration of Brazil.

Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Riyadh to Sao Paulo


Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Riyadh to Rio de Janeiro


Riyadh’s vacation and holiday schedules closely mirror those in Dubai, and the trends displayed in the graphs above resemble those observed for Dubai.

A notable observation is the peak during last year’s spring vacations, which reached an all-time high of USD 3,009. This was closely followed by the August-September period, typically a tourist season in Brazil with a pleasant climate, where the price reached USD 2,998.

However, a significant change is evident when we look at the current prices in March 2024. The average cost for a one-way flight from Riyadh to Rio de Janeiro has dropped significantly, now averaging at USD 1,083. This presents a more affordable option for travelers planning their journey.

Flight prices from Riyadh to Rio de Janeiro on Wego for 26 March 2024


Book Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Rio De Janeiro Book Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Rio De Janeiro


For flights from Riyadh to Sao Paulo, the highest peak price was recorded during the winter break of 2019, soaring to USD 6,107. Interestingly, during the same period last year, the price saw a significant reduction, dropping to USD 1,831, representing a substantial 70% decline.

Flight prices from Riyadh to Sao Paulo on Wego for 26 March 2024


Book Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Sao Paulo Book Cheap Flights from Riyadh to Sao Paulo


In 2024, flight prices continued their downward trend, indicating a promising time for travel from Riyadh to Brazil. This period also presents an excellent opportunity to escape Saudi Arabia’s heat and experience Brazil’s cooler climate. On the topic of weather, the following section provides a detailed discussion.

The perfect time to explore Brazil 

Brazil experiences all four seasons to a moderate extent, avoiding any extreme weather conditions and providing a consistent environment for travel. However, the most preferred time for tourists to visit the country is between November and March. During this period, Brazil offers pleasantly warm temperatures, making it the ideal time for exploration and travel.

However, this may not hold true for everyone. For instance, if you’re from Australia, where it’s already hot, you might prefer to avoid traveling to another warm destination during Brazil’s peak season. Therefore, it’s important to consider your specific requirements and plan your trip accordingly.

While preferences and factors may vary depending on your location, one constant is the current state of the Brazilian economy. Despite being at a low point, there’s a potential for a rebound to its former glory. This presents a unique opportunity to experience Brazil during this time, as the iconic Christ the Redeemer welcomes travelers with open arms for an unforgettable journey.


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