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Malaysia, a stunning and culturally rich country, boasts an array of attractions and experiences for travelers. Despite the recent depreciation of its currency, the ringgit, against the US dollar, there are promising signs of potential recovery in 2024. Analysts attribute this positive outlook to improving economic conditions, export recovery, and a weakening US dollar. Taking advantage of this scenario by planning your trip to Malaysia while the currency is at a low point promises an exceptionally luxurious experience without putting a strain on your budget.

This Wego feature will delve into strategies for enjoying an affordable yet enriching trip to Malaysia amidst these currency dynamics.

Malaysia’s economic landscape

United States Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit

In recent years, Malaysia’s currency, the ringgit, has faced significant challenges due to global dynamics. Depreciating by over 20% against the US dollar since 2015, it ranked among Asia’s worst-performing currencies.

External factors like the global oil price have played a pivotal role. Malaysia’s oil and gas exports heavily influence the ringgit’s value. The oil price collapse in 2015-2016 led to sharp depreciation, reaching a 17-year low in January 2017. Similarly, US interest rate hikes increased demand for the US dollar, affecting emerging market currencies like the ringgit.

Additionally, Malaysia felt the effects of China’s economic slowdown, given its status as Malaysia’s largest trading partner. The Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbated this situation, causing a decrease in demand for Malaysia’s exports, particularly in the electronics sector.

Despite these formidable challenges, predictions indicate a potential strengthening of the ringgit in 2024. Anticipated factors include the projected recovery of oil prices, improvements in global trade, and increased demand for semiconductors, along with the weakening of the US dollar, all of which may contribute to this positive outlook.

Should you convert your currency to Malaysian Ringgit now?

In 2024, Malaysia’s economic outlook is signaling a potential turnaround, with expectations for modest gains in the value of the ringgit. The currency’s performance hinges on various global economic factors, including fluctuations in the oil market, shifts in US monetary policy, and the economic recovery of China, a crucial trading partner for Malaysia. These elements are converging to create a favorable environment for the ringgit, suggesting a potential increase in its value as the year progresses.

For travelers planning to visit Malaysia, this economic forecast presents an opportunity. With the potential rise in the value of the ringgit, converting US dollars to ringgit now could prove advantageous. This conversion might result in obtaining more ringgit for your dollars, enhancing the travel experience. Therefore, if Malaysia is on your travel itinerary for 2024, consider exchanging your dollars for ringgit sooner rather than later.

Should you make your bookings now?

As discussed in the previous section, given the economic indicators and the possibility of the Malaysian ringgit gaining value by the close of 2024, it would be prudent for travelers to book their arrangements promptly to capitalize on the current, more advantageous exchange rate.

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Typically, hotel rates in Malaysia tend to see a slight rise when booked in advance compared to last-minute bookings. However, this uptick in prices may sometimes go unnoticed, as it generally translates to only a few additional dollars for most accommodations. 

As an example, the ibis hotel, a 4-star accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, offers a rate of USD 47 for stays in March 2024, while bookings in September 2024 are priced at USD 51. The negligible price difference is hardly worth considering.

Wego hotel price for March 2024 stay

Wego hotel price for September 2024 stay

Similarly, Hotel Neo+ Penang by ASTON, a 3-star establishment in Penang, charges USD 51 for a September 2024 stay compared to USD 46 for a March 2024 stay. A marginal discrepancy of five dollars should not significantly impact your travel arrangements, particularly if it necessitates compromising other facets of your journey.

Wego hotel price for March 2024 stay

Wego hotel price for September 2024 stay

The modest variance in price between bookings made in advance and those made immediately could be attributed to the hotel’s strategy of maintaining consistent pricing. By adhering to relatively stable pricing structures irrespective of booking timing, hotels seek to appeal to a wider clientele and secure a consistent stream of reservations.

This method streamlines the booking procedure for travelers and cultivates confidence in the hotel’s commitment to pricing transparency.

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Flight fares to Malaysia are currently comparable to, or even lower than, pre-pandemic levels. If you’re planning a trip soon, securing your tickets and jetting off to Malaysia could result in substantial cost savings.

We can analyze the trend of airfares from several major Middle Eastern cities to Malaysia’s top two tourist destinations and subsequently draw an overarching conclusion.

Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur


When examining the one-way average flight fares from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur from January 2019 to March 2024, it’s evident that prices tend to peak from February to March. This surge in fares might be ascribed, at least in part, to the cooler temperatures observed in Dubai during these months. Consequently, travelers may choose to visit Kuala Lumpur, renowned for its tropical climate, during this period to relish a more agreeable weather ambiance.

In August, prices generally plummet to very low levels due to its characterization as an off-peak season for travel across numerous regions. This decline in prices can be attributed to the extreme heat, prompting airlines to endeavor to stimulate demand by offering lower fares.

Flight prices from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur on Wego for 30 March 2024


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Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Riyadh to Kuala Lumpur


Examining the Riyadh to Kuala Lumpur flight prices, the graph depicts overall stability with occasional spikes. The highest price point is observed in July 2023, reaching $629.9. This surge could be attributed to the holiday season, which is a common time for people to travel, leading to increased demand and higher prices.

Conversely, the lowest price points are evident around August, coinciding with the off-peak travel season when demand for flights typically diminishes. This decline in prices during August can thus be explained by the reduced demand for air travel during this period.

Flight prices from Riyadh to Kuala Lumpur on Wego for 30 March 2024


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Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Kuwait City to Penang


The one-way average flight prices from Kuwait City to Penang from pre-pandemic days to the present, a distinct pattern emerges compared to other routes. The highest price point is in February 2019 at $944.1. This could be due to the high demand for flights during the winter months when many people travel to escape the cold weather.

The lowest price point is in March 2019 at $290. This is right after the peak season in February, and due to a significant drop in ticket demand, prices take a noticeable plunge.

Flight prices from Kuwait City to Penang on Wego for 30 March 2024


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Wego price data for one-way flight tickets from Riyadh to Penang


Examining the flight price graph from Riyadh to Penang, a noticeable peak is evident in January 2023, hitting $2,200. This likely results from heightened demand during the holiday season, a common time for travel. Otherwise, the prices appear relatively stable at other times.

In conclusion, navigate your travel dates strategically, steering clear of peak periods when flight prices skyrocket. Seize the opportunity to secure your tickets now, taking advantage of the advantageous Malaysian ringgit exchange rate. Currently, it appears to be a great time to fly to Malaysia, with flight prices showing a general decline. Bask in the splendor of Malaysia’s beauty during a delightful spring vacation.

Flight prices from Riyadh to Penang on Wego for 30 March 2024


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The perfect time to explore Malaysia

Malaysia, a dynamic nation blending diverse cultures, invites travelers to explore its richness. The optimal time for exploration falls between March and May, offering favorable weather conditions. Embrace the dry season, ideal for immersing in Malaysia’s jungles, historic sites, and vibrant street food scenes. Avoiding the peak of the rainy season, this time is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking in the Cameron Highlands or discovering the pristine beaches of Langkawi.

Soak yourself in Malaysia’s cultural tapestry by aligning your visit with its vibrant festivals. Hari Raya Aidilfitri and the George Town Festival showcase local traditions and artistic expressions, enhancing your travel experience. April and May, situated on the fringes of the peak tourist season, offer a chance to explore Malaysia’s attractions with fewer crowds, fostering a more serene and intimate journey.

As the Malaysian ringgit strengthens, travelers may notice a lower purchasing power than before. While a robust ringgit reflects Malaysia’s economic well-being, it also means tourists get fewer local currency units for their own, reducing potential savings on accommodations, dining, and shopping. This shift encourages visitors to plan budgets carefully, looking for the best deals to make the most of their travel funds.


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