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Updated January 2024

In an era of evolving employment landscapes, the Saudi Arabian Human Resources Development Fund has unveiled the latest advancements in its national employment platform, Jadarat. This pioneering initiative, marking the launch of its third phase, introduces a seamless and comprehensive system aimed at revolutionizing job-seeking experiences.

In this article, Wego explores the multifaceted features of the Jadarat platform, empowering job seekers and employers in Saudi Arabia’s dynamic job market.

Jadarat news

The Human Resources Development Fund in Saudi Arabia has unveiled the latest advancement in Jadarat, the national employment platform, marking the launch of its third phase.

This updated phase introduces a pilot version empowering government and semi-governmental entities to seamlessly register on the platform. Applicants can now not only post their job openings but also receive applications through this unified system.

The primary objective behind this initiative, as emphasized by the Fund, is to revamp the job advertisement landscape across various sectors. By doing so, they aim to simplify and enhance access for job seekers to a wide array of opportunities available within these sectors.

What is Jadarat?

The Unified National Employment Platform (UEP), Jadarat, serves as a nationwide tool to link Saudi job seekers with available opportunities in both public and private sectors. Hence, individuals seeking employment can utilize the UEP to explore job opportunities and submit applications via a comprehensive digital alignment, ensuring efficiency, precision, and transparency throughout the job-seeking process.

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Jadarat features

The functionalities of the Saudi jobs platform are multifaceted. It provides a platform for entities to establish profiles, list job vacancies, manage incoming job applications, and even conduct scheduling for interviews. Additionally, it enables the crucial process of submitting job offers and overseeing the entirety of the recruitment procedures.

As mentioned before, one of the pivotal strengths of this platform lies in its seamless and comprehensive digital integration, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in job creation. The platform adheres strictly to standards that prioritize transparency in the process of generating employment opportunities and engaging with potential beneficiaries.

Furthermore, Jadarat offers job seekers the opportunity to explore diverse job openings, providing extensive details that assist in informed decision-making before initiating the application process. Once ready, applicants can seamlessly utilize the platform to submit their applications, ensuring a straightforward and efficient process.

How to register for jobs in Jadarat?

When registering on Jadarat, the process is designed to prioritize security and user privacy. It involves three straightforward steps aimed at safeguarding personal information while setting up your account.

Following this, the platform encourages users to create a comprehensive professional profile. This entails detailing one’s professional and educational background and providing a robust overview for potential employers or opportunities.

To register for jobs on the Jadarat platform, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the Jadarat platform
  • click on ‘New User’
  • enter your personal details in the ‘basic information’ fields.
  • click next and enter the OTP sent to your email and phone number.
  • click ‘activate your email’ and ‘activate your phone number.’
  • once both are activated, add proof of qualification by clicking the ‘add qualification’ button.
  • fill in the qualification details and click next.
  • proceed to the ‘job preferences’ section.
  • select your preferences and click ‘next.’

Your account will now be set up and ready for use in your job search.


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