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After a prolonged suspension, the Kuwait authority is on the brink of reinstating its family visit visas, bringing relief to expatriates residing in Kuwait who will soon have the opportunity to invite their family and relatives to the country for family visits.

Sources indicate that several modifications are expected to be introduced to the application process and prerequisites for obtaining a family visit visa. These adjustments, including salary and employment criteria, are reportedly in the final stages of implementation by the government.

While there is currently no official confirmation regarding the resumption of family visit visas in Kuwait, reports suggest that if the visas are reinstated, they will initially only be granted to immediate family members. To establish this relationship, applicants will be required to provide a supporting document.

In the previous year, the Kuwaiti government temporarily halted the issuance of family visit visas to conduct a comprehensive review of their visa regulations. Their aim was to ensure that visitors would leave the country upon the expiration of their visas. In November of the same year, the issuance of family visit visas was partially resumed, but solely for children who were five years old or younger and eligible for a dependency visa.

The changes being made to the family visa policy are part of a broader update to entry visa regulations. Alongside the introduction of this new policy for family visas, Kuwait has also established a new type of visa called the Kuwait sporting and cultural visa, which is specifically tailored to accommodate social activities related to sports and cultural events.