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Updated February 2024

After almost two years of suspension, it was announced in June by the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Residency Affairs Sector, that an issuance of instructions to resume the issuance of family visit visas might be released. However, it was recently revealed by some sources that visit visas could return under new conditions.

The Kuwait family visit visa allows the immediate family members and other relatives who reside in other countries to visit their family members living in Kuwait.

Keep reading as Wego provides everything you need to know about Kuwait family visit visas, their price, minimum salary, documents required, application process and more.

Kuwait family visit visa 2024 news and update

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has recently announced the resumption of family visa processing, effective this Sunday, 28 January 2024. Under the guidance of Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah, applicants must now meet new criteria, including a minimum salary of KD 800, a university degree, and work in a field matching their expertise. The changes aim to enhance the efficiency and security of the visa application process, aligning with Ministerial Decree No. 56 of 2024. Applicants are urged to familiarize themselves with the updated guidelines for a smoother application process.

Kuwait Resumes Issuing Family Visa with New Rules


Moreover, another official source indicated that a new mechanism, soon to be presented to Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, includes issuing a special card and mandating health insurance for visitors, including parents of children over 16. Siblings won’t be eligible for visas, and health insurance fees could potentially reach KD 500. Additionally, the maximum duration for visits may extend up to one month. To avoid penalties, applicants must ensure visitors depart promptly after their stay; failure to do so could result in severe consequences, including permanent visa bans for the sponsoring residents.

Kuwait Visa News 2024: Latest Kuwait Visa News & Updates



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Kuwait family visit visa 2024 rules

The Kuwait family visit visa can be issued to immediate family members and other relatives who reside in other countries and wish to visit their family members living in Kuwait. This type of visa has no eligibility criteria.  As long as the traveller has proof of relationship, they can visit the Gulf state with their Kuwait Visit Visa.

Kuwait family visit visa documents required

Here are some of the documents required to be submitted for the issuance of the Kuwait family visit visa:

  • required visa application.
  • copy of the visitor’s passport valid for 6 months or more after applying.
  • one passport-sized photo (recently taken + white background).
  • proof of kinship. Please note that certificates issued from the Embassy Department are not counted.
  • recent salary certificate for the foreign provider/sponsor if they are working in the Government Sector or from the computer.
  • original and copy of the civil ID of the sponsor (or the family who resides in Kuwait)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Kuwait family visit visa minimum salary

Previously, a Kuwaiti resident wishing to sponsor their family to Kuwait while applying for the Kuwait family visit visa must have a minimum salary of KWD 450 (USD 1,455.41) per month.

However, as recently reported by the sources, the issuance of Kuwait family visit visas will soon be resumed, and the first stage will cover children, after which the process of allowing wives, mothers and fathers to join their families in the country will gradually begin, based on the criteria to be determined by the ministry.

Furthermore, the minimum salary requirement of the sponsor will be KWD 500 (USD 1,617) per month.

Kuwait family visit visa degree requirement

Under revised Article 29, applying for a dependent or family visa (for newcomers) requires a university degree. However, certain professions are now exempt from the degree requirement. The professions exempted from the university degree requirement, as detailed in Article 30 of Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019, include:

  • advisors, judges, prosecutors, experts, and legal researchers in the government sector
  • medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists
  • university, college, and higher institute professors
  • school administrators, vice principals, education mentors, teachers, social workers, and laboratory attendants in the government sector
  • financial and economic advisors in universities
  • engineers
  • imams, preachers, and muezzins in mosques
  • librarians in government agencies and private universities
  • Ministry of Health staff, including nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, and social service workers
  • social workers and psychologists in the government sector
  • journalism, media professionals, and correspondents
  • sports coaches and athletes in federations and clubs
  • pilots and flight attendants
  • professionals overseeing burial preparations and services

Kuwait family visit visa validity

The validity period of a Kuwait family visit visa or the Kuwait visit visa, in general, is 90 days (3 months). Visitors are allowed a stay of 30 days in the country after entry.

How to apply for the Kuwait family visit visa?

To apply for the Kuwait family visit visa, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the nearest Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents mentioned above for a family visit visa.
  • fill out the Visa Application Form.
  • pay the due visa fee. The Kuwait family visit visa application costs 3KD ($9.70).

Please note that if you are a Kuwaiti citizen, visit the General Department of Immigration in any governorate and submit the required documents. However, in case you are a non-Kuwaiti resident, visit the General Department of Immigration in the governorate you refer to and submit the required documents.

What is the Kuwait family visit visa price?

The price of a Kuwait family visit visa is 3KD ($9.70).


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