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Updated February 2024

Apart from its striking manmade and natural beauty and numerous career opportunities, a streamlined visa application process makes Kuwait highly attractive to expats.

In case you have to cancel your visa due to unforeseen circumstances, Kuwait’s visa cancellation process is quite straightforward, too.

Keep reading as Wego unveils the requirements to cancel your Kuwaiti visa.

Kuwait visa cancellation process

Residence visa cancellation

To cancel your Kuwait residence visa, you will be required to submit:

  • your original passport
  • a copy of valid commercial license
  • a copy of your establishment card.

Keep in mind that if you hold a family residence visa, you’ll first have to cancel that before applying for a work visa cancellation. Cancellation of the family residence visa requires:

  • original passport of the sponsored family member
  • sponsor’s passport copy
  • three copies of approved cancellation certificate filled up by typing agent
  • a copy of establishment card.

Automatic residence visa cancellation

Note that from 1 November 2022, the residence visas and family residence visas of expats who stay outside of Kuwait for more than 6 months will be automatically cancelled.

Work visa and visa 18 cancellation

The official maximum age limit imposed upon recruiting expats is 60 years for the public sector. While there is no such law for the private sector, it is usually uncommon for expats above 60 years to get hired unless they get a special exemption from the government.

When expats on work visa reach the age of 60, their employers can arrange for the cancellation of work visa as well as residence visa.

The expat individuals will be required to submit:

  • original passport
  • sponsor’s passport copy
  • copy of establishment card
  • copy of commercial license
  • copies of application for cancellation prepared by typing agents with form duly signed by sponsor and the company’ seal.

Kuwait visa cancellation charges

There are no separate fees for Kuwait visa cancellation.


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