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Updated February 2024

In Kuwait, the visa transfer process enables individuals to switch their sponsorship or employer while retaining legal residency. Similar to numerous other countries, Kuwait has implemented precise guidelines and procedures for visa transfers. Hence, staying informed about the latest updates and regulations set by the Kuwaiti government is imperative for ensuring a seamless and compliant visa transfer process.

Read on as Wego offers everything you need to know regarding the Kuwait visa transfer.

What is the Kuwait visa transfer?

As per the Kuwait Government Online website, foreigners working in the civil sector in Kuwait can change their visa sponsor without leaving the country as long as they follow the rules and procedures of Article (18) from the Executive Regulations of the Foreigners’ Residence Law. Government employees were initially barred from moving to the private sector.

However, exceptions now exist for certain groups, such as spouses and children of Kuwaiti women, wives of Kuwaiti men, holders of Palestinian documents, and individuals under 60 with a university degree. It’s crucial that the chosen profession aligns with their qualifications.

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Kuwait visa transfer latest news

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has created an opportunity for expatriates meeting specific criteria—having professions matching their university qualifications and being under 60 years old—to shift their residency from the government sector to the private sector.

This initiative aims to address the country’s imbalanced demographic structure by leveraging experienced expatriates who could be valuable assets to private-sector employers. It aligns with regulations and policies concerning the country’s demographic makeup.

Kuwait visa transfer required documents

The following are some of the documents required for a Kuwait visa transfer:

  • original civil ID of the previous sponsor and a copy
  • original civil ID of the current sponsor and a copy
  • original civil ID of the sponsored and a copy
  • passport of the sponsored
  • two (2) personal photos
  • signature authorization and a copy
  • health insurance certificate

What is the Kuwait visa transfer procedure?

To get a Kuwait visa transfer, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the General Department of Immigration in your designated governorate
  • submit the necessary documents.
  • complete the service application forms.
  • make the required fee payments.

Kuwait visa transfer fee

The fee for a Kuwait visa transfer depends on the residence kind and period (annual fees on granting or renewing the residence permit). However, according to some sources, the visa transfer fee in Kuwait may range between KWD 200 to KWD 300.

Please make sure to consult the authorities regarding the accurate Kuwait visa transfer fee.


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