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Updated January 2024

The Kuwaiti government requires all foreign individuals to obtain a valid Kuwaiti visa in order to enter or stay on Kuwaiti soil for the term permitted by officials. Hence, expats or tourists whose visas are nearing their expiry date are obliged to understand and apply for a Kuwaiti visa renewal if they wish to extend their stay.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Kuwait or a seasoned expat, understanding the process of renewing your visa is crucial. Here is our guide on Kuwait visa renewal online.

Kuwait visa renewal latest news

Expats are now required to settle their outstanding debts to the state before they are allowed to apply for a renewal of their residence visa. This proactive measure aligns with the government’s dedication to promoting financial responsibility among expatriates in Kuwait. To streamline the residency permit renewal process, expatriates must settle any outstanding debts by using the official websites of pertinent government entities or by utilizing the Sahel application.

Kuwait visa renewal online

Expats who have a valid residency permit and are employed by a company/sponsored by an individual in Kuwait can apply for residency renewal. Kuwait visa holders can request an extension of their visas if they need more time to stay in the country. Whether a visit visa or a residency visa, the renewal process can be completed online as long as applicants meet the necessary requirements.

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Kuwait visa renewal required documents

Before you apply for a Kuwait visa renewal, you must prepare the following documents:

  • original passport of the sponsored and a copy, which should have at least six (6) months of validity left
  • entrance visa used by the sponsored to enter the country
  • applicants must fill out an online application form
  • two (2) personal passport-sized photos for the sponsored, against a white background
  • signature authorization of the sponsor and a copy
  • work permit issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
  • health insurance certificate
  • signature authorization for companies and establishments
  • proof of financial stability, like a bank statement or letter of employment from the employer
  • copy of the civil ID of the sponsor

Kuwait visa renewal process

Before applying for renewal, applicants must ensure all the required documents have been gathered.

Kuwait e-visa renewal

Since the Kuwait e-visa is a single-entry visa, extension or renewal involves leaving the country and applying for a new e-visa online. To extend or renew a Kuwait e-visa, holders may need to enlist the assistance of a visa service provider or tour company.

Kuwait residency visa renewal

Renewing a Kuwait residency visa online requires a few extra steps. Before applying for a residency visa renewal, applicants must first renew their health insurance through the Ministry of Health’s official website.

Additionally, according to the new regulations, applicants are required to ensure that they have cleared any outstanding debt with the state before proceeding with the application. Expatriates must settle any outstanding debts by using the official websites of pertinent government entities or by utilizing the Sahel application, available on Play Store and App Store.

Once health insurance has been renewed, applicants can proceed with the residency visa renewal:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Interior’s official website
  2. Select the ‘Renew Residency’ tab
  3. Click ‘Individual’
  4. Log in with your User ID and password, or register if you do not have an account yet
  5. Click continue if you have no violations reflected under your record. If you have any, you will be required to settle it first.
  6. Input the duration of your stay as well as your mobile phone number
  7. Tick the box under it and then click submit
  8. Pay for the service

Please note that you are also required to renew your Civil ID to get your residency visa extended. You can visit the PACI website to request a Civil ID extension.

Kuwait visa renewal for family

If you plan to renew the visa for your family members, you need to provide their passport copies, residency permits, and recent photographs. Additionally, you need to show proof of your relationships with your family members, such as a marriage certificate or a birth certificate.

Kuwait visa renewal for individuals above 60 years of age

If you are above 60 years of age, you need to provide proof of health insurance and undergo a medical examination before renewing your visa. The medical examination includes a blood test, a chest x-ray, and a general physical examination. You will also be charged an extra fee of KD 250 to renew your visa.

Kuwait’s Public Manpower Authority (PAM) also announced few changes to the regulations governing expats over 60 years old who have a higher secondary degree or less. These expats will now be able to move their residency to the private sector, which was previously prohibited.

These new rules apply to expats working for government jobs, state-owned entities, dependents, investors, commercial or industrial partners, and those with self-sponsored residencies. Additionally, expats over 60 with self-sponsored residency will also be permitted to move their residences to the private sector.

Kuwait visa renewal status

You can check your visa status through the Ministry of Interior’s website. You may be required to provide your passport number, visa number, or Civil ID.

Check out our article below for more detail about Kuwait visa status.

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Kuwait visa renewal fees

The renewal of a residency visa will cost KWD 10 per person for the sponsored, their wife and two kids. Additional children will be charged 100 KWD each, while their parents and in-laws will be charged 200 KWD per head.

There has not been any official statement regarding the fee for an e-visa extension. However, it is expected that the renewal will cost roughly KD 3, similar to the rate of a new e-visa application.


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