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Interior Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi introduced round-the-clock passport services in Karachi and Lahore, aiming to facilitate easier citizen access, Wego reports. This innovative initiative targets the long-standing difficulties associated with acquiring essential documentation. Minister Naqvi emphasized its significance in simplifying passport services, ensuring accessibility throughout the day and night.


Minister Naqvi underscored the importance of this initiative in simplifying passport services, ensuring their availability around the clock. Starting on 7 May, at least one passport office in each city will operate continuously. The designated offices are Awami Markaz Sharea Faisal in Karachi and Garden Town in Lahore. This move is a testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing citizen services through technological advancements.

While this initiative marks a significant improvement, it’s not without its challenges. A recent shortage of lamination sheets, which are essential for passport production, poses a logistical issue. These sheets, imported from Germany, are crucial for ensuring security features.

Despite these challenges, the introduction of 24/7 passport services represents a significant step towards modernization and efficient governance in Pakistan. The government’s unwavering commitment to improving citizen services heralds a future of streamlined administrative processes.

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