Malta, a shining gem nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a tourist destination where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, offering travelers a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of history that spans millennia.  Malta attracts travelers from all over the world, especially Arab travelers seeking a unique experience that combines the charm of history, the splendor of civilization, modernity, and luxury all at once.

With its land pulsating with the secrets of ages, its stunning beaches, entertainment and cultural facilities, and luxurious hotels, Malta offers an unparalleled opportunity for a holiday that leaves a deep mark in memory.

It’s your chance to explore the influences of Arab civilization still engraved in the fabric of this charming European island, your preferred haven where you can experience a variety of wonderful experiences!

Explore Malta: A journey through time and culture

Your trip to Malta isn’t complete without taking a journey through time… from the Stone Ages to modern times! The cultural diversity in Malta and Gozo springs from a civilization that dates back 7000 years, where you can find some of the oldest standalone rock temples on earth from the prehistoric period.

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking through its streets feels like traveling through time.

Valletta boasts numerous titles, all reminiscent of its rich historical past. It’s the “modern city” built by the Knights of St. John; a masterpiece from the Baroque era, a European artistic city, and a world heritage city. In the heart of Valletta, you’ll find St. John’s Co-Cathedral, dating back to 1577, the Grand Master’s Palace, and the Manoel Theatre built-in 1731. With its modern Parliament building and the picturesque Valletta waterfront lined with fine dining restaurants, it serves as a marina for pleasure cruises and boats.

For further stunning historical immersion, we recommend visiting The Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim Temples on the southern coast of Malta. The adjacent temples are marvelous in every sense of the word, sure to leave you in awe. Both temples are sites thought to be associated with fertility rituals and solar placements. Summer and winter solstices, along with spring and summer equinoxes are perfect times to visit as the venue offers guided tours during these notable periods.

Where adventure knows no bounds between sea and land

Malta is rich in factors that make it an ideal tourist destination for adventurers and enthusiasts of various sports activities. Whether you’re a lover of the sea or a nature enthusiast, you’re in the right place to fulfill your desires.

Diving in Malta

Malta, with its perfect climate and stunning array of underwater sites, has rightfully earned its place as one of the world’s top diving destinations. Divers from across the globe are drawn to the clear waters surrounding the Maltese islands, where a diverse range of diving experiences awaits, catering to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Embark on a journey beneath the waves to explore Malta’s underwater treasures; the wreckage of ships, airplanes, and statues, each telling a unique tale of Malta’s rich and vibrant past. Explore underwater wrecks such as the magnificent HMS Maori or witness the Um El Faroud ship, weighing 10,000 tons. And if you’re a seasoned diver, you must see the Fairchild C-82 Packet plane wreckage from World War II lying at a depth of 70 meters off the northwest coast of Malta, about 5 km from the beautiful coast of Sliema.

Hiking trails

Malta’s extensive network of activities promises an adventure for every enthusiast. Whether you dream of the beautiful landscapes, or the breathtaking wonders, Malta offers the perfect setting for everyone, from the majestic cliffs to hidden caves and ancient ruins, being just one of the many activities available to visitors. A hiking expedition in the island’s natural beauty is simply unparalleled. Malta’s natural treasures extend far beyond its shores, encompassing hidden caves, towering cliffs, and ancient ruins waiting to be discovered.

The Mediterranean climate makes hiking tours around Malta a popular year-round activity for visitors. While the island’s wildflower beauty is simply captivating, areas like Majjistral Nature and History Park offer ideal daily hiking opportunities. While, the other islands Gozo and Comino offer unique and picturesque landscapes for exploration. Malta offers numerous long-distance hiking trails, thus it’s time to lace up your favorite shoes and embark on a new adventure!

Mountain climbing

The charming Mediterranean climate and abundant sunshine throughout the year, makes Malta an ideal haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially climbers, boasting over 1300 stunning climbing routes offering endless choices for climbers. Whether you’re a seasoned climber, and looking for a solo cliff challenge, or just starting your climbing journey, Malta offers a diverse range of opportunities to satisfy your passion.

Numerous centers provide educational lessons and guided tours, thus planning your climbing expedition is a breeze.


Embark on a captivating running adventure in Malta, where scenic trails embrace the hills and enchanting Dingli cliffs run through the corridors of the ancient Ġgantija temples, the Maltese islands are characterized by a unique diversity in running tracks that cannot be found elsewhere.

Running in these islands is an activity that can be practiced year-round, thanks to the moderate weather prevailing in the winter season. While many prefer to embark on this experience individually, there are also specialized companies offering organized running routes accompanied by professional guides, available on all three islands, to suit the preferences and abilities of different runners. From beach marvels to the fragrance of history and the epitome of luxury…

Exceptional experiences in Malta

Sea salt harvesting

Don’t hesitate to witness the process of sea salt harvesting in Malta whenever you get the chance; it’s both a fun and educational experience. Sea salt production on the island dates back to the Phoenician and Roman eras, making it one of the oldest industries. Given its essential role in Maltese cuisine, it has been used as a form of currency exchange and remains a significant part of the island’s economy today.

Specially carved chess board-like salt pans on rocks, specifically for collecting sea salt, are a prominent feature in many coastal areas. Despite the abundance of modern techniques available, this “white gold,” as it’s often referred to, is still harvested using traditional methods.

Outdoor meditation and yoga sessions

Imagine sitting outdoors, with the sea breeze caressing your cheeks and the sounds of waves crashing on rocks as your only soundtrack! It’s a fantastic opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. In Malta, outdoor sessions are rapidly gaining popularity, as many visitors and locals prefer connecting with nature while practicing sports.

Many of these sessions take place in stunning locations such as Buskett Woodlands and the picturesque Dingli Cliffs.

Shopping and fashion

Shopping holds a prominent place on the list of beloved activities for many tourists, as Malta offers diverse and unique shopping experiences to suit all tastes and budgets. From bustling markets brimming with handmade crafts and distinctive souvenirs to modern shopping centers housing renowned international brands, it’s your chance to buy whatever you dream of.

Retail outlets and shopping malls are available in all major cities and villages, but the most prominent of these locations are found in Valletta on Republic Street and Merchant Street; in Tas-Sliema along Tower Road, Bisazza Street, and Tigne Point Shopping Mall; in St. Julian’s and Paola town center; in Ħamrun along High Street; in Mosta around the town center; and in Bugibba and St. Paul’s Bay.

Don’t leave Malta without purchasing a handmade craft, not only because they make interesting souvenirs but also due to their high cultural value.

Exploring film locations

Do you know what Gladiator, Munich, Captain Phillips, and Game of Thrones have in common? Well, they were all filmed in Malta! Thanks to its wonderful climate, endless blue sea, and diverse natural landscapes, the Maltese islands provide a versatile backdrop for any film producer, which is why they have appeared in many popular TV shows and movies.

Relive the charm of your favorite film by exploring these locations yourself! If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones,” you should head to Mdina, the ancient capital of Malta, also known as the “Silent City” and “Citta’ Notabile” (Noble City), which dates back over 4000 years. Explore the maze of narrow streets, then enjoy breathtaking views overlooking all of Malta.

Malta and Instagram

Even if you’re not very active on social media or a famous influencer on Instagram, rest assured you’ll find yourself lifting your phone to capture photos dozens of times a day in Malta. Its beauty truly compels you to document and share it with your friends and the world, thanks to all the sites that are truly worth photographing!

From natural swimming pools to rock temples, baroque cathedrals, and even small villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, all are popular photography spots that will keep you busy.

Take a photo of the “Silent City” gate or the Mdina Gate, both Baroque entrances to the city of Mdina, which also appeared in the series “Game of Thrones.”

Combine adventure with the pleasure of photography as you stand on a paddleboard heading to “Dragonara Cave” or the Coral Cave, a breath-taking natural pool near Armier Bay in Mellieha, a small town in the northern tip of Malta.

Also in Mellieha, specifically on top of Marfa Hill, you’ll find St. Agatha’s Tower overlooking Ghadira Bay and the small Maltese islands, including Gozo and Comino. Distinguished by its dark red color, it’s known as the Red Tower.

The Co-Cathedral of St. John is one of the finest Baroque churches in Europe. From its ornate marble floors to its magnificent wall paintings, this cathedral is a true work of art.

Malta’s megalithic rock temples, dating back to between 3600 BCE and 700 BCE, located on the southern coast of Malta, are also among the most famous sites to photograph. The Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim Temples are particularly popular and offer guided tours around the sites. There’s a visitor center here with a children’s playroom, as well as a 4D film screening about the archaeological site.

Anchor Bay, a famous diving site in Malta, is perfect for comprehensive underwater photography or using a dedicated underwater camera. Explore the clear waters and caves in the depths, which are home to unique marine life like moray eels, scorpionfish, and groupers.

Anchor Bay is also the location of Popeye Village, a small resort town and amusement park used as the filming location for the musical “Popeye” in 1980.

Take a ferry to go to the Blue Lagoon, where stunning views await you for photography. The Blue Lagoon is located in Comino, a small limestone island between Malta and Gozo. As the name suggests, the water here is characterized by its stunning turquoise blue color, a stark contrast to the unique rock formations and caves of the lagoon.

Festivals and major events in Malta

The Maltese islands host a number of different celebrations and events throughout the year, with one of the most notable being the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which will be held this year from April 20th to 30th, 2024, featuring nightly displays of colors and coordination. This festival hosts a yearly fireworks musical competition, meaning the fireworks are designed to match a musical rhythm!

The Malta International Arts Festival features a wide range of art forms, such as theater, dance, and music. Venues include the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theater, and Spazju Kreattiv at St. James Cavalier in Valletta, among others. It is scheduled to take place this year from June 14th to 23rd, 2024.

Jazz enthusiasts also have their share with the Malta International Jazz Festival, held over three nights in July each year at Ta’ Liesse in Valletta. It presents a selective mix of jazz styles from the current music scene.

Notte Bianca is an annual event held in October, lighting up the view of Valletta with a stunning night celebration of people, culture, and arts. The streets and cultural venues of the Maltese capital host a variety of entertainment.

State palaces and museums open their doors to delight visitors with visual arts exhibitions and theatrical performances, while outdoor streets and squares feature some of the best local and international musicians and dancers.

Cafes and restaurants remain open until late at night with more food stalls and tables occupying the streets.

Among the distinctive events in Malta, “Malta Classic” stands out, welcoming car enthusiasts and families to discover some of the most elegant and sought-after classic cars in the world.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is one of the most prominent maritime events in the world, held annually in Malta. This race attracts racers and yachts from around the world to navigate the challenges of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a prominent event in the global maritime racing calendar.

Maltese cuisine: The art of cooking an adventure!

Cooking in Malta is considered a joy and an adventure, indeed a delightful celebration of Mediterranean flavors and history.

Whatever dining experience you’re looking for, whether it’s a quick light meal, a splendid cooking experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a savory experience with some amazing local dishes, there’s always something to tantalize your taste buds.

Maltese cuisine is heavily influenced by Italy, especially Sicily, but with a touch of Arab and North African cuisine and some Maltese kitchen characteristics. Appetizers typically consist of soups, pasta, risotto, or antipasto, while main dishes include pasta, potatoes, meat, or fish.

You must try the Maltese pastizzi, traditional pastries usually filled with either Maltese ricotta or curried peas.

These delicious golden pastries are an integral part of the local culture in Malta, so much so that they have their own term “jinbiegħu bħall-pastizzi,” which translates to “sold like pastries,” to denote something highly in demand and never goes out of stock. Maltese pastries, with their delicious taste and crispy texture, are a must-have popular food item, with almost every village having a specialized pastizzi-making restaurant, supplying cafes across the island with these golden nuggets. Indeed, there is no excuse not to taste these delicious morsels that reflect the richness and authenticity of Maltese culture.

Malta: A perfect family vacation destination

The Maltese Islands are among the safest destinations in the world, making them the perfect place for families. There’s plenty for everyone in the family to enjoy during their stay! Parents can relax and unwind, as many of the best accommodations offer activities within the hotel to keep children busy for hours! Not only that, but in Malta, children over ten years old can get a diving license, making it your next destination for a family diving vacation.

Make sure to take your family to the Malta National Aquarium located on the picturesque Qawra coast, where marine life can be seen through a glass tunnel walk.

You can also visit the Esplora Science Center, located in the charming city of Kalkara, which is one of Malta’s top attractions. With over 200 indoor and outdoor exhibits, plus countless interactive workshops, Esplora proves to children that science is not only beneficial to their daily lives but can also be fun!

While all corners of this science center are impressive, the stunning sky dome is the most dazzling gem. With state-of-the-art 4K space theater equipment offering stunning shows covering the entire dome with universe-related topics, this astronomical display is sure to awe visitors of all ages.

The village of Popeye, located in Anchor Bay, still looks as it did when the iconic film was shot there nearly 40 years ago, besides being now home to an amazing amusement park too!

In addition to enjoying the large swimming pool and many water trampolines, children can also participate in filming and see themselves on the big screen! With boat trips, sunbathing areas, and plenty of restaurants, you’ll find everything you want in Popeye Village.

The Arab influence in Malta

The Arab influence in Malta is evident. In the 9th century AD, Malta witnessed a significant period of Arab rule lasting for over 400 years, during which the Arabs left deep imprints on the island in various aspects of life from food to architectural engineering. However, their greatest legacy remains in the profound influence on the Maltese language, where the language serves as a living witness to this ancient influence.

Geographical names, numbers, days of the week, and many basic words in everyday conversation clearly show the influence of the Arabic language on Maltese. Also, many surnames still used in Malta today share origins with families from North Africa and the Middle East, reflecting the depth of historical and cultural ties between Malta and the Arab world.

Luxury accommodation in Malta

Malta is a wonderful destination that offers luxurious accommodation options that meet the expectations of visitors seeking excellence and luxury. From luxurious hotels with enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea to elegant villas and coastal resorts, Malta offers unforgettable accommodation experiences that combine elegance and exceptional service. Imagine being able to stay in a Palazzo palace dating back to the 17th century, renovated to modern standards?! It’s a true delight!

Malta stands out as a masterpiece that combines natural colors, historical lines, and touches of luxury, offering an open invitation to travelers from the Middle East and around the world to explore it. Every corner in Malta tells a story waiting to be told, and every adventure is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Malta, with its wonderful diversity, confirms that it is not just a travel destination but a life experience worth living, more than once.