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Updated 25 October 2021

The main highlight of the year and the largest cross-cultural event, the Expo 2020 Dubai, is also one of the world’s most advanced and prominent events. The authorities are doing everything to make the event hassle-free, relaxing and comfortable for the attendees. Therefore, service-oriented advanced robots are being deployed at the Expo 2020 site.

With robots capable of contactless delivery, advice, guidance, all-inclusive mobile services, outdoor services, and 24/7 emergency alarm capabilities, the Expo 2020 Dubai will be an unforgettable and convenient experience for all its visitors. Find out more about the Expo robots by reading on. 


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Meet the Expo 2020 robots 

Count on these robots to make your Expo 2020 journey comfortable and hassle-free: 

A project by Terminus

The robots deployed in the Expo 2020 site are a project by the Beijing-based international artificial intelligence (AI) service provider, Terminus. The reputed AI service provider is also behind the Tala-bot, a coffee table that allows people to order from their favourite restaurants by scanning its QR code. 

Eco-friendly robots 

Terminus’ intelligent robots are eco-friendly and feature two parts – the upper part containing devices and the lower part supporting the robot’s body. These upper devices are equipped with various functions such as sterilisation, logistics, and guidance, while the base functions are intended for general use. This division of labour allows users to save costs and maximise operations with reuse. 

They even interact with visitors! 

Mohammed Al Hashmi, Chief Innovation Technology Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai stated in an interview that more than 152 Terminus robots are deployed at the Expo 2020 site. They have been deployed to interact with visitors during the six-month event, each of which includes 5G communication capabilities and AI-driven object mapping and detection. 


Image © Terminus Group

Want to meet a friendly robot who not only interacts with you but also entertains you? If yes, then the Opti robot is the one for you. The warmest and most intelligent robot in town, Opti is a one-metre tall mascot robot with 18-degrees of backward tilt. The little robot can remain upright for over 24 hours, operate in a balanced and safe manner, move freely in any direction, and also takes part in Expo parades and flash mobs. 

Apart from this, a group dance performed by the Opti robots is one of the main highlights of the Expo 2020 event. So, make sure to interact with Opti robots and make your Expo 2020 experience even better. 


Image © ChannelpostMEA

The Expo 2020 also brings to its visitors the easiest way to get their food delivered without any hassle. With the Tala-bot, you can order food from your favourite restaurants by scanning a QR code. Talabat’s state-of-the-art cloud kitchen, set up in Jubilee Park, ensures contactless food delivery wherever you are.

Found in every Talabat kiosk at the site, Tala-bot allows visitors to give their order to Tala-bot. Talabot will further ask them to insert their location before processing their order. Through the Mobility sub-theme, the exposition emphasizes getting things done faster and better.

Patrol robots 

Image © The Siasat Daily

The authorities have not only made the Expo 2020 event one of the main highlights of the year but have also made sure to get advanced security to protect the site. Therefore, besides having the Opti robots dedicated to entertaining the visitors, Expo 2020 also has Patrol robots devoted to safeguarding the area and the dedicated Expo 2020 Metro Station.  

The robot features an HD facial recognition camera, a real-time thermo-camera, and an SOS button. It will also remind you to stay in your lane, observe social distancing, along with other Covid-19 protocols. 

Delivery robots 

Image © The Siasat Daily

To make your Expo 2020 experience comfortable and convenient, delivery robots have been dispatched to carry goods and materials around the site. The robots can be configured to perform multiple functions; for example, they can be fitted with racks to hold reading materials, maps, and visitor guides. These types of delivery robots are known as Vending Trolleys. Apart from that, the Vending Trolleys can also carry a poster frame, baskets, and catering trays. 

The robot can also be configured as a mobile container to distribute refreshments around Expo 2020. It can also restock pavilions with supplies, such as water, by returning to the supply centre. Furthermore, it is equipped with voice recognition, allowing it to answer your questions. 

Barista Yanu 

Image © Gulf News

Ever came across a robot that not only knows to prepare coffee but also crack jokes while doing so? The Expo 2020 event is making this possible. Estonia pavilion’s Barista Yanu is a robot that knows how to prepare coffee and can crack jokes to entertain visitors. Make sure to visit the Talabat outlets to get your coffee served by Barista Yanu. 

Doctor robot 

The US pavilion in the Expo 2020 event will feature robot surgeons and its replica Falcon 9 rocket ship, the Moonrock, and other inventions. 

Robot orchestra and robotic panda 

Image © CGTN

Visitors will be able to catch a futuristic take on Beethoven’s work at the Germany Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Beethoven’s music will be brought to life by robots in the pavilion’s Culture Lab as a part of its cultural program. Operas, classical, rock, acoustic, and electronic performances are among the options. 

The visitors will also have a chance to shake hands with the robotic panda in the China pavilion, ‘The Light of China’.