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Updated June 2024

Saudi Arabian countries have a strong demand for domestic workers from foreign countries. To facilitate this growing demand, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development introduced a digital platform named Musaned to simplify the recruitment process. With Musaned, employers no longer need to visit recruitment offices in person as the platform has digitized the process of recruitment. Now, employers can find the domestic workers they need with just a few clicks.

In this article, Wego has gathered all the information you need to know about Musaned.

What is Musaned?

Musaned is a comprehensive digital platform created by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to streamline the recruitment and management of domestic workers. The platform facilitates the recruitment procedures, starting from the pre-arrival of the worker, the contractual process, and the arrival of workers in Saudi Arabia. It also increases domestic workers’ protection by informing the rights and duties of all the parties involved.

Musaned has an official website where you can access all the services it provides. Additionally, you can download the mobile application available on the Google Play Store and as an APK. Using the mobile application, you can easily request a recruitment visa or track your visa status directly from your phone.

Creating an account and signing up on Musaned

Creating an account on Musaned is a simple process. Follow these steps to get started:

  • visit the Musaned official website
  • click on the “Log in” button at the right corner of the page
  • click “Sign up”
  • enter your national ID or Iqama number
  • enter your email address, and password
  • agree to the terms and conditions.
  • click on the “Create Account” button
  • verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email
  • log in to your Musaned account using your email address and password.

If you want to register your office to Musaned, follow the steps below:

  • go to
  • select your country
  • enter your city
  • fill in your office name in Enjaz
  • enter your license numbers and date
  • upload your license copy
  • enter the responsible person’s name and title
  • upload the responsible person’s ID/Passport
  • fill in the contact information, which includes email, contact numbers, and address
  • enter the e-wallet account number in Enjaz
  • upload the screenshot of your Enjaz account
  • click submit

What services does Musaned offer?

Musaned integrates three key components: e-visa, e-contracting, and e-Tawtheeq (attestation), enabling employers to process necessary documentation and obtain visas at any time efficiently. Key services provided by Musaned include:

  • visa application processing: employers can easily apply for and manage visas for their domestic workers
  • recruitment requests: the platform facilitates the recruitment process by connecting employers with potential workers
  • employment relationship management: Musaned offers tools to help manage the ongoing employment relationship, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth communication

Musaned also serves as the official channel for transferring salaries through digital wallets and accredited banks. This feature enhances the security and transparency of fund transfers, providing significant benefits for both domestic workers and their employers, especially in case of disputes.

The Kingdom has branded this initiative as the “Wage Protection Service,” which is being implemented in phases. It aims to cover the entire domestic workforce by 01 January 2026, ensuring that all salary transactions are conducted through secure and regulated channels. With services like this, the platform not only streamlines administrative processes but also educates users about their rights and responsibilities effectively.

Visit our short article on this topic to learn more about this service and how it will be implemented in the Kingdom:

Saudi Arabia to Launch “Wage Protection Service” for Domestic Workers in July


Recruit domestic workers

Musaned introduces a simplified process for you to hire domestic workers. Just by following the procedures listed below, you can find domestic workers based on your needs.

  • select recruitment preferred type: choose your preferred type of recruitment, either recruit based on specified preferences or recruit a previously known worker
  • select service provider: view all the Private Recruitment Offices offering recruitment services based on your preference with the feature of sorting and filters
  • receive offers: receive recruitment request offers from service providers, including worker salary & multiple CVs to prioritize according to preference
  • make payment: submit payment securely through Musaned after initiating the contract, you can choose from multiple payment channels: VISA, Mastercard, MADA
  • track your request: track the status of requests from submission to the worker’s arrival electronically

Obtain a domestic worker visa

With the utilization of Musaned, a convenient and efficient platform, you now have the capability to initiate the visa application process for your domestic workers from the convenience of your own home, eliminating the need to visit governmental offices. It is important to be aware that a service fee of SAR 2,000 applies for this service.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • access the Musaned website: begin by visiting the official Musaned website, which serves as the digital gateway to this hassle-free process
  • document submission: attach the essential eligibility documents required for the visa application. These documents substantiate your eligibility for the visa and are crucial for a successful application
  • application submission: once the eligibility documents are securely integrated into the application, proceed to submit the visa request through the Musaned platform
  • evaluation: following the submission, your application undergoes a review process. The relevant authorities assess the application against predefined criteria to determine its alignment with the visa requirements
  • outcome notification: upon the conclusion of the evaluation, you will be promptly notified regarding the approval or rejection of your application

Alternatively, for a visual guide on how to navigate through the visa application procedure using Musaned, you can refer to this instructional video:


Musaned recruitment offices

Musaned works together with Saudi companies and agencies for the training process and the preparation for the workers’ arrival. It also connects service providers with recipients, enabling offices to promote services, take requests, and address complaints. For the complete list of Musaned recruitment offices, you can visit the official site of Musaned, where you can find the contact details of the offices along with their ratings.

Musaned contact information

For further information, you can reach out to Musaned through the following contact details:


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