This article has been reviewed and fact-checked by Wego’s editorial team.

Wego reports that the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan can now avail themselves of an electronic visa for Azerbaijan through the newly streamlined ‘ASAN Visa’ system.


The process is straightforward and involves three steps: application, payment of the required fee, and downloading of the e-visa. The standard fee is USD 20 or PKR 5,646, with an additional USD 50 or PKR 14,116 applicable for expedited processing. The entire process is typically completed within three working days, although urgent cases may be processed in as little as three hours.

Pakistani citizens seeking a 30-day single-entry visa to visit Azerbaijan can apply directly via the official Azerbaijan e-Visa portal. It is important to note that the expiry date of the applicant’s passport or other travel document must be at least three months later than the expiry date of the e-Visa.

Notifications pertaining to the acceptance of e-visa applications, payment confirmations, and updates on visa issuance or cancellations will be communicated via email. Applicants are therefore advised to provide accurate email information to ensure receipt of these updates.

This development marks a significant step in facilitating travel for Pakistani citizens to Azerbaijan, further strengthening ties between the two nations.