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Updated February 2024

Amidst the beauty of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait unfolds its rich history and culture, inviting tourists to explore its beautiful landscapes and vibrant traditions. Among its diverse attractions, Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City shines as a modern wonder. Established in 2016, the city boasts 200 kilometers of artificial shoreline canals, showcasing Kuwait’s dedication to innovation and sustainable growth.

Keep reading as Wego explores one of Kuwait’s landscapes – the Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City.

Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City Kuwait details

Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, formerly Al Khiran Pearl City, is a transformative project led by La’ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company. Established in 1991 by Mr. Khalid Yousuf Al-Marzouq and currently chaired by his son Mr. Fawaz Khalid Al-Marzouq, the company initiated the project in 2004. This groundbreaking venture, featuring 200 kilometers of canals forming artificial shorelines, signifies a departure from tradition by excavating channels in the desert, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

Inaugurated in 2016, the project spans 25 years and 10 phases, marking a historic moment as the first urban area in Kuwait entirely built by the private sector. La’ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company collaborated with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, ensuring a comprehensive approach, including numerical modeling for lagoon flushing and offshore breakwater construction.

Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City stands as a testament to Kuwait’s dedication to modernity, sustainability, and private sector-led urban development. Rooted in careful analysis, Khiran was selected as the optimal location in 1991, transforming initially unsuitable marshland into a thriving residential city with complete services and utilities.

This visionary project, housing 250,000 people, involves 3,200 workers from 20 countries working 24/7. From Phase 1 in 2003 to the ongoing works in Phase 5, the project encompasses significant milestones. The latest phase, A5, introduces offshore marine engineering, highlighting the project’s commitment to overcoming challenges. With 1,272km of cabling, 3.4 million sqm. of asphalt, 703 football pitches in area, 12,596 streetlights, and four marinas, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City stands as a model for future urban landscapes, symbolizing vision, perseverance, and collaboration.

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Sabah Al-Ahmad location

Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City is built on unused land in the Al-Khairan area, within the region of Al Ahmadi, approximately 100 kilometers south of Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait.

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Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City cost

The ambitious Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City project stands as a testament to substantial investment, with an estimated total cost reaching KWD 1.5 Billion, equivalent to around USD 5 Billion.


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