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Updated February 2024

Epicon in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, is not your ordinary city – it breaks free from norms, adjusts to your needs, and provides a preview of the future. Beyond a mere location, Epicon is a mindset, a city aspiring for the stars, where innovation shapes the landscape and extraordinary events unfold continuously.

In this article, Wego will explore what makes Epicon unique and how it’s shaping the future of cities.

What is the Epicon in NEOM project Saudi Arabia?

Epicon, the latest venture within Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project, is set to redefine luxury and sustainability along the Gulf of Aqaba. As part of the ambitious USD 500 billion NEOM initiative, Epicon stands out with its commitment to eco-friendly practices and innovative design, seamlessly blending with the coastal environment.


Designed to cater to a diverse audience, Epicon offers a serene getaway for visitors and a high-end living experience for residents. This announcement comes on the heels of Leyja, another NEOM initiative focused on sustainable tourism, highlighting the project’s dedication to reshaping the landscape of modern living and leisure.

Epicon is crucial in NEOM’s broader strategy to evolve into a multifaceted destination, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to cultivate a robust and sustainable tourism industry.

A testament to NEOM’s commitment to a sustainable and vibrant future, the development emphasizes environmental conservation by preserving an impressive 95 percent of its area for nature, employing cutting-edge ecological design and construction techniques.

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Epicon in NEOM launch date

NEOM has yet to reveal the opening date and development cost for Epicon, keeping the public in anticipation.

Please note that we will promptly update this article with the latest information as soon as the officials release it.

Epicon in NEOM experiences and facilities

Epicon offers a diverse range of experiences, seamlessly blending leisure and luxury within its facilities. Comprising two towering structures at heights of 225 and 275 meters, the development encompasses a luxurious hotel, high-end tourist apartments, and exclusive residential suites. Additionally, the project features a resort with 120 rooms and 45 beachfront villas to complement the overall experience.

The amenities provided at Epicon are designed to maintain a high standard of luxury, including gyms, libraries, co-working spaces, swimming pools, and lounges. Notably, the development incorporates three environmentally sustainable hotels, each boasting 120 boutique rooms and suites. The first hotel caters to adventure enthusiasts, ascending the valley’s walls in a staircase-like manner, while the second is nestled within the heart of the valley’s expansive oasis. The third property offers an immersive wellness retreat, providing a holistic experience for guests.

Epicon ensures a multitude of experiences for residents and visitors alike, with offerings such as beach club leisure, wellness programs, exploration of the natural landscape, and fine dining options. By providing this spectrum of experiences, Epicon creates a distinctive and inclusive environment for all who engage with its facilities.

Moreover, guests at Epicon can ascend the towers to discover lounges and premium restaurants, adding an elevated dimension to their stay. The complex offers 55 ultra-luxury suites and residences, providing a select and exclusive accommodation experience. The resort, located a short distance from the towers, not only features 120 luxury resort rooms and 45 residential beach villas but also includes a helipad, jetty, and a range of water sports for an unforgettable stay.

As a gateway to the future, Epicon, the sixth region inside NEOM, stands out as an attractive visitor destination and an optimum place to live and thrive. This avant-garde concept aligns with NEOM’s commitment to sustainable tourism, as evidenced by the recently announced Leyja, set within a magnificent natural valley. Other regions within NEOM include The Line, Sindalah, Trogena, and Oxagon, contributing to the overall vision of a diverse and innovative environment.


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