Pakistanis hold a sacred perception of Saudi Arabia: It’s a land to tread on with reverence, a country that is associated only with the holy pilgrimage.

While these perceptions will endure, there also exists a novel, evolving face of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is changing, transforming, and opening its doors to everyone, embracing the welcome idea of inclusion and accessibility.

Saudi Arabia has something for everyone

When discovering Saudi Arabia, the possibilities are virtually endless. From experiencing the pristine blue seas to feeling the snow graze your fingertips, from riding through the beautiful golden sand on a thrilling desert safari to exploring the natural cave networks: the options are as diverse as they are exciting.

For couples and families, a romantic getaway in the beautiful open-air museum of AlUla or a family festival in the bustling city of Riyadh are also in the cards.

Picture yourself in the skies seated in a hot air balloon or hosting esteemed guests on luxurious cruises, anything can happen here. Sounds tempting? We have more.

Home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Saudi Arabia is the proud home to 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of the most popular ones is the Mada’in Salih—a site of patrimony—which held the distinction as Saudi Arabia’s first World Heritage Site. It was chosen for its well-preserved remains from late antiquity, especially the 131 monumental rock-cut tombs of the Nabataean Kingdom, with their elaborately ornamented façades.

At the first light of dawn, one can marvel at the rock-cut buildings of Hegra, the southern capital of the ancient Nabateans—the people who built Petra in what is now modern-day Jordan.​ Here at Hegra, you’ll get to explore over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs in a desert landscape and learning about the ancient people and culture of AlUla.​ This memorable journey can be taken on a hot air balloon, a dune buggy, or a helicopter​.

A blend of modern and historic in Jeddah

Jeddah, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, is truly unparalleled. With its distinct charm, rich customs, and a stunning Corniche, this coastal metropolis stands as a living testament to multiculturalism. Diversity extends to every corner of the city, from the thriving arts scene and food culture to the countless architectural influences.

A visit to Al Balad, the historic downtown area of Jeddah originally built in the 7th century, is a memorable experience. The area’s charm has been preserved through careful restoration of the striking townhouses and narrow streets. Al Balad is also home to several UNESCO heritage sites, including Nassif House, the Old Bakery, Taibat Museum, Open Air Museum, Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, and the Aquarium.

Best of Saudi Arabian creations

Oud, often referred to as “liquid gold,” embodies the essence of Saudi Arabian elegance and hospitality. You can learn about the 40-year process of transforming unremarkable agar trees into one of the world’s most sought-after ingredients, and witness how master perfumers lend their oud fragrances a distinctive Arabian twist. Afterwards, you can even personally select one for yourself!

Don’t forget to indulge in a global culinary journey that spreads across the Kingdom, ranging from authentic local flavors to international delights like Italian pasta and South Indian dosa. Our culinary offerings tantalize every taste bud!

Visiting Saudi Arabia is now easier than ever

We are committed to making Saudi Arabia more approachable for the Pakistani travellers, by continuously enabling easier visa processes.

You’ll get a complimentary 96-hour layover if you are travelling via a Saudi Arabian carrier, or you can enjoy the convenience of a visa on arrival if you hold a valid Schengen, UK, or US visa.

Alternatively, if you hold an Umrah visa, you have the freedom to explore Saudi Arabia from any entry airport. Enter the Kingdom easily and discover the festivals, concerts, football matches, adventure parks, high roller coaster rides—or just relax and lose yourself in the soothing, surrounding nature.

Pack your bags and let the warm embrace of Arabian hospitality envelop you in Saudi Arabia. We look forward to welcoming you to our country and we are excited to share our rich heritage, spiritual vitality, and gastronomical delights with you. You’ll leave with an experience that will remain forever etched in your memories.

Visit us, visit Saudi Arabia…