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Updated May 2024

Abu Dhabi is set to ignite with the exhilarating and eagerly anticipated eighth edition of the Mother of The Nation Festival or MOTN. This thrilling annual extravaganza promises to transport visitors on a whirlwind journey through time, culture, and celebration. This year’s MOTN promises to be the grandest yet, bringing together a kaleidoscope of vibrant cultures and traditions under one roof.

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Read on as Wego dives into everything you need to learn about this year’s Mother of The Nation Festival. 

Mother of The Nation Festival 2024

The Mother of the Nation Festival is an annual celebration held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, dedicated to honoring the remarkable legacy and contributions of Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi, fondly known as the “Mother of the Nation.” She was the wife of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the visionary founder of the UAE.

Set amidst the captivating backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s capital city, the festival offers a diverse array of activities and attractions for all to enjoy. From mesmerizing art exhibitions and traditional performances to soul-stirring music concerts, tantalizing food stalls, and interactive displays, there’s something for everyone.

This grand event serves as a tribute to the UAE’s rich heritage and culture while also embodying the core values championed by Sheikha Fatima. Her unwavering commitment to advancing women’s rights, promoting education, and fostering societal welfare continues to inspire and shape the nation.

Mother of The Nation Festival 2024 dates 

The dates of this year’s Mother of the Nation festival have yet to be announced. Please note that we’ll update this section once we receive pertinent information.

Mother of The Nation Festival 2024 attractions  

There are no announcements made regarding the attractions that are going to be featured in this year’s Mother of The Nation Festival. However, to get an idea of what to expect, let’s look at the 2023 edition.

The Mother of the Nation Festival attracted over 200,000 enthusiastic guests, offering them a delightful medley of live entertainment, tantalizing culinary experiences, captivating pop-up stores, and an abundance of engaging activities.

Here are some of the remarkable zones that made the MOTN Festival 2023 an unforgettable experience.

Thrill Zone

The Thrill Zone, a heart-pounding section of the festival, beckons thrill-seekers with an array of exhilarating activities at every turn. Perfect for those craving serious fun, the Thrill Zone boasts an adrenaline-fueled lineup, including:

  1. Atmos Fear and the Fairground Wave Swinger: These international rides promise to send your adrenaline into overdrive.
  2. Horror Escape Room: Embark on an escape room adventure with a spine-chilling twist. Solve riddles and collect vital vials, all while evading the lurking zombies in the shadows, on a quest to create an antidote for a world-ravaging virus.
  3. MOTN Skate by RollDXB: Immerse yourself in the coolest retro-themed skating rink in Abu Dhabi, a collaboration with Roll DXB.
  4. Omega Protocol-VR Experience: Step into the world of Omega Protocol, a groundbreaking VR sci-fi game where you combat alien forces using an innovative teleportation system. Developed in Canada and making its global debut at MOTN, this experience promises fluid movement as you battle alien soldiers to protect crucial AI assets.
  5. Extreme Soar: Ascend 20 meters into the sky before a thrilling descent, screaming your lungs out on this exhilarating ride designed for the most daring thrill-seekers.

Amidst these heart-racing activities, the Thrill Zone also offered delectable food options, exciting rides, and movie screenings, ensuring a complete and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Amuse Zone

The Amuse Zone stood out as a delightful haven of entertainment suitable for all members of the family, which offered a diverse range of activities, this zone guarantees continuous engagement. Here are the key attractions:

  1. Barbie and Sonic in Spacetoon Land: A fusion of creativity unfolds in this space, where Barbie and Sonic collaborate to provide an immersive experience catering to the interests of both girls and boys.
  2. The Upside Down Museum: Positioned as an interactive social media experience, the museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to elevate their online presence. With features such as an expansive ball pit, rooms designed to challenge gravity, mind-bending optical illusions, and interactive decor, the Upside Down Museum promises an engaging experience. The museum stands as a testament to the intersection of entertainment and the digital age, providing an experiential journey for visitors seeking both enjoyment and shareable content.

Indulge Zone

The Indulge Zone presented a haven for those seeking a trifecta of eating, shopping, and overall happiness. Tailored especially for food enthusiasts, this zone offers an array of delectable options:

  1. Coq Fighter: Renowned for serving London’s finest fried chicken, Coq Fighter stands as a culinary destination within the Indulge Zone, appealing to those with a penchant for savory delights.
  2. Milk Train: Hailing from London, United Kingdom, Milk Train takes the ice cream experience to new heights, providing patrons with an experiential journey through the world of delightful frozen treats.
  3. Bo-Tik: Elevating the shopping experience, Bo-Tik emerges as a comprehensive destination featuring over 40 brands under one roof. A shopping haven within the Indulge Zone, Bo-Tik caters to diverse preferences and offers a one-stop shop for those in search of unique finds.

In addition to these culinary offerings, the Indulge Zone extended beyond gastronomic delights and provided a multifaceted experience that included shopping and entertainment.

Entertain Arena

The Entertain Arena stood as the ultimate destination for those seeking an immersive experience of non-stop live entertainment and music. Featuring both international superstars and beloved regional acts, the arena kept audiences dancing throughout the night.

Highlighted Performers:

  1. Nancy Ajram: Hailing from Lebanon, this multi-platinum recording artist has shattered barriers in the music industry, offering a captivating performance that reflects her exceptional talent.
  2. Black Eyed Peas: The Los Angeles-based trio, boasting six GRAMMY® Awards and remarkable sales of over 35 million albums and 120 million singles, is set to grace the stage with a high-energy performance.
  3. Rasha Rizk: As one of the most renowned Arab singers/songwriters, particularly noted for contributions to anime and cartoon soundtracks, Rasha Rizk brings a unique and captivating musical experience.
  4. Cairokee: Hailing from Cairo, this dynamic band embodies the spirit of the city, promising an electrifying performance that reflects their cultural roots and musical prowess.
  5. El Far3i: A prolific artist from Jordan, El Far3i skillfully weaves together Arab acoustic folk and hip-hop, delivering a distinctive and engaging musical fusion.

In addition to these stellar performances, the Entertain Arena offered a diverse range of activities, including carnival rides, skating rinks, and virtual reality experiences.

Mother of The Nation Festival 2024 tickets

The price details for MOTN 2024 have yet to be announced. However, to get an idea of what to expect, let’s look at MOTN 2023. Tickets were available to be purchased from the tickets section of the MOTN Festival website. Additionally, Tickets were available to be purchased for the festival, for each of the zones, an MOTN Day Pass or Full Season Pass. There were also options to purchase tickets for any of the concerts.

Here are the prices for some of the ticket classes:

  • General Admission: AED 30 (when purchased online), AED 35 (at the door)
  • MOTN Day Pass: AED 120
  • MOTN Day Pass + Thrill Zone: AED 150
  • MOTN Full Season Pass: AED 495

Mother of The Nation Festival 2024 location

The venue for MOTN 2024 has yet to be announced. Last year, the festival took place at the Abu Dhabi Corniche. 


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