Qatar National Day is a time for celebration and unity among Qataris. This special occasion brings together people from all walks of life to showcase their rich culture and heritage and serves as a day when Qataris come together to express their love and pride for their country.

In this article, Wego delves deeper into the significance of Qatar National Day and explores the various ways in which it is celebrated.

Qatar National Day significance

Qatar National Day has a deep historical significance for Qataris as it marks the ascent of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani to the leadership of the country. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, who is considered the founder of the State of Qatar, took over as the country’s leader in 1878 after his father’s death.

This marked the beginning of a new era of unity and independence for Qatar. Sheikh Jassim was known for his political and military acumen, and under his leadership, Qatar was able to resist external pressures and maintain its independence. He is widely respected as a national hero, and his legacy is celebrated every year on Qatar National Day.

The day is a reminder of Qatar’s rich history and the sacrifices made by its leaders to protect and preserve the country’s independence.

Qatar National Day 2024 date and public holiday

Every year, on December 18th, Qatar National Day is celebrated as a significant public holiday in the country. The day brings together the people of Qatar to honour the country’s rich history and cultural heritage. Schools, businesses, and government offices remain closed to allow all Qataris to participate in the festivities held across the country.

How is Qatar National Day celebrated?


The national day is usually marked by a military parade, which showcases the country’s armed forces and highlights their role in protecting the nation’s sovereignty. Qatar National Day is a time for Qataris to express their pride in their country and to celebrate the values of unity, peace, and independence that define their nation.

Residents of Qatar enjoy a range of activities during the Qatar National Day celebrations. These activities include traditional music and dance performances, sports competitions, and demonstrations of traditional skills such as weaving and pottery. The national dish of Qatar, machbūs, is often served during festivities and celebrations with family and friends.  

One of the most popular attractions of the day is the spectacular fireworks display, which usually occurs around 8 PM and draws large crowds. Additionally, many Qataris decorate their homes and vehicles with the national flag and other patriotic decorations to show their pride and support for their country.

Overall, Qatar National Day is a momentous occasion that holds great significance for the people of Qatar and is an integral part of the country’s cultural fabric.


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