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Updated February 2024

Kuwait Liberation Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the end of the Gulf War and the restoration of Kuwait’s legitimate government. The occasion also honors the sacrifices of the Kuwaiti people and the coalition forces who fought for their liberation.

In this article, we will explore the history and significance of Kuwait Liberation Day and how Kuwaitis celebrate this festive and joyous day with various events and activities across the country.

Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 date

Kuwait Liberation Day is celebrated annually on 26 February. Next year, on February 26th, 2024, Kuwait Liberation Day will fall on a Monday.

Kuwait Liberation Day 2024 history and significance

Kuwait Liberation Day is an important occasion for Kuwait as it marks the end of a seven-month occupation that endangered Kuwait’s independence and autonomy. The day pays tribute to the sacrifices made by the Kuwaiti population and the coalition forces that fought to restore Kuwait’s sovereignty.

The day also acknowledges the close bond and collaboration between Kuwait and the United States that was established during the Gulf War. For Kuwaitis, the holiday is a representation of strength, bravery, and loyalty to their country.

Kuwait Liberation Day celebration

Kuwaitis typically express their patriotism and gratitude by gathering at Kuwait Tower, the symbol of the country’s resilience and strength. On this day, the tower is illuminated with the colors of the Kuwaiti flag and displays images of the Emir and the martyrs of the liberation.

Kuwaitis also enjoy spending time with their families and friends on beaches or parks, where they have picnics and barbecues. Traditional dishes such as machboos, harees, and luqaimat are shared, and Arabic coffee or tea is served. Children have fun spraying water guns and water balloons, while adults wear traditional dress such as dishdasha for men and daraa for women. These activities provide an opportunity for Kuwaitis to come together and celebrate their country’s independence in a joyful and festive manner.


In addition to gathering at Kuwait Tower, Kuwaitis also decorate their cars with Kuwaiti flags, stickers, and ribbons and honk their horns as they drive around the city. The streets are filled with parades, dancing, and fireworks, creating a joyous and proud atmosphere. The parades feature floats, bands, folk dancers, and military personnel, all representing the country’s culture and heritage. The fireworks are launched from various locations across the country, illuminating the sky with vibrant colors and creating a magnificent display of light and sound.


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