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Updated May 2023

Amid the beautiful Middle Eastern region, Jordan stands out with its awe-inspiring past and culture spanning several centuries. The nation celebrates May 25 as its independence day since Jordan officially gained autonomy in 1948. With stunning landscapes, impeccably preserved ancient landmarks, and welcoming inhabitants, it is an ideal destination for adventure seekers in pursuit of excitement and tranquility. 

The people of Jordan observe their Independence Day in remembrance of their declaration of independence from British control on 25 May 1946. Keep reading to discover more about the history, significance, and observance of Jordan Independence Day.

Jordan Independence Day 2023 date & holiday

Jordan celebrates Independence Day annually on 25 May, and in 2023, the day falls on Thursday, which will be a public holiday across the country. The occasion is marked with cultural celebrations such as parades and fireworks displays, and schools and government offices are closed to enable everyone to participate in the festivities and celebrate the nation’s accomplishments.

Jordan Independence Day 2023 history & significance

Prior to gaining independence, Jordan was under the control of the Ottoman Empire before coming under the protection of Britain. In the late 1940s, Jordan began its journey towards self-rule when the British government announced its intention to withdraw from the region. Recognizing this as an opportunity, Jordanian leaders led by King Abdullah I aimed to establish their own autonomous nation.

On 25 May 1946, the Jordanian parliament unanimously ratified a new constitution, establishing Jordan as an autonomous constitutional monarchy. The UK officially recognized the country’s independence on 22 May 1947.

Jordan Independence Day 2023 celebration

Jordan’s Independence Day is a significant occasion celebrated nationwide on Thursday, 25 May 2023. Jordanians showcase their rich heritage and customs through parades, festivals, and cultural activities. The event includes formal rituals attended by dignitaries, political addresses, and award ceremonies. The military conducts Presentation of Colours ceremonies and national/unit military parades, while civilians enjoy festivities like fireworks displays and religious services.

The upcoming celebration will highlight a diverse array of cultural events and festivals that showcase Jordan’s glorious history and diverse heritage, with speeches from the nation’s leaders, including Jordan’s King. In 2023, the country will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence, marking 75 years since liberation from British rule.