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Saudi Arabia is set to ignite a cinematic revolution with a bold move aimed at breathing new life into its film industry. The Kingdom’s Film Commission has announced sweeping measures to slash licensing fees and movie ticket prices, marking a significant stride towards revitalizing the nation’s cinema landscape, Wego reports.


Under the leadership of Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, the Film Commission Board of Directors has greenlit the decision, envisioning a dynamic shift to bolster growth, enhance audience participation, and position Saudi Arabia as a burgeoning hub for cinematic excellence in the region.

The commission’s initiatives entail a streamlined licensing process and substantial reductions in fees for various cinema operations, encompassing permanent and temporary cinemas, as well as those catering to special needs audiences. Prospective operators can now seamlessly obtain licenses through the Cultural Licenses Platform (Abde’a) for studio operations, content production, film distribution, and cinematography.

Cinema operators are being urged to roll out enticing discounts and promotions to attract more moviegoers. This move is expected to proliferate cinema halls, amplify accessibility to Saudi films and entice a broader audience to theaters nationwide.

The Film Commission revealed the updated cinema license costs after they were reduced as follows:

  • license to practice the activity of operating permanent or temporary cinemas or those with specialized needs:
    • permanent cinema:
      • “A” category cities: SAR 25,000 instead of SAR 210,000
      • “B” category cities: SAR 15,000 instead of SAR 126,000
      • “C” category cities: SAR 5,000 instead of SAR 84,000
    • temporary cinema:
      • “A” category cities: SAR 15,000 instead of SAR 105,000
      • “B” category cities: SAR 10,000 instead of SAR 63,000
      • “C” category cities: SAR 5,000 instead of SAR 42,000
  • license to operate a cinema to show one or more films on a permanent or temporary basis:
    • permanent cinema:
      • “A” category cities: SAR 3,000 per branch instead of SAR 21,000 per screen
      • “B” category cities: SAR 2,000 instead of SAR 12,600
      • “C” category cities: SAR 1,000 instead of SAR 8,400
    • Temporary cinema:
      • “A” category cities: SAR 500 per branch instead of SAR 5,000 per screen
      • “B” category cities: SAR 500 instead of SAR 5,000
      • “C” category cities: SAR 500 instead of SAR 5000

These strategic interventions align with the Film Commission’s overarching objectives of amplifying the Kingdom’s cinematic footprint, enhancing economic contributions from the sector, fostering cultural diversity, and nurturing a competitive environment conducive to investment.

Tasked with steering the development and promotion of Saudi Arabia’s film sector, the Film Commission remains steadfast in its mission to fortify infrastructure, foster investment, nurture local talent, stimulate production, and allure global filmmakers to the Kingdom’s burgeoning cinematic landscape.