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Red Sea Global’s (RSG) latest venture, Shura Links, is poised to transform Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector with an unparalleled fusion of luxury and sustainability, reports Wego, citing an official release. This ambitious project, situated on Shura Island, marks the introduction of the country’s first 18-hole island golf course. It promises a unique golfing experience set against the stunning backdrop of the Red Sea.

John Pagano, RSG’s Group CEO, emphasized the project’s commitment to excellence and sustainability. “Shura Links is not just about providing a world-class golfing experience; it’s about creating a sanctuary where nature and recreation coexist in harmony,” he said.

The iconic Clubhouse, designed by Foster + Partners, mirrors the Coral Bloom design concept, drawing inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s diverse flora and fauna. The course, designed by renowned golf architect Brian Curley, promises an exhilarating experience with its championship length of 7,500 yards and meticulously crafted holes.

Beyond its scenic fairways, Shura Links embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, the project aims to minimize its ecological footprint while enhancing local biodiversity. Precision irrigation systems and habitat preservation initiatives ensure Shura Island remains a thriving ecosystem.

In partnership with Golf Saudi, Shura Links is poised to become a beacon of sustainable tourism in the region. Accessible to guests across The Red Sea’s 11 hotels, the golf course marks a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s plans to emerge as a global golfing destination.

The Red Sea project continues to expand its offerings with the addition of Shura Links. This project aligns with Saudi Arabia’s focus on innovation, conservation, and hospitality. The golf course is set to open in 2025, marking a significant development in the region’s sustainable tourism sector.