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Updated April 2024

Travellers looking to visit Turkey from Pakistan can apply for a visit visa or tourist e-Visa to Turkey. Keep reading to learn more about the available types of Turkey visas for Pakistani citizens.

Turkey visa for Pakistani requirements

Please note that Official passport holders (Diplomatic, Service and Special passport holders) from Pakistan are exempted from applying for a visa to enter Turkey for up to a period of 90 days. However, ordinary passport holders are required to apply for a visa to enter Turkey.

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Furthermore, ordinary Pakistani passport holders with a valid Schengen, USA, UK, Ireland visa or residence permit may get their one-month single entry e-Visas from the Turkish Government’s E-Visa webpage.

The general requirements to apply for a Turkish visa from Pakistan are as follows:

  • valid original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • two recent colored biometric photographs with a white background (size: 5×5 cm).
  • clear photocopy of both sides of CNIC (National Identity Card).
  • last six months’ bank statement along with a signed and stamped account maintenance letter from the bank.
  • last three salary slips (for employed individuals).
  • employment verification letter from the employer (for employed individuals).
  • leave sanction (for government employees only).
  • NTN Certificate (National Tax Number Certificate).
  • for Chamber of Commerce members: Valid Chamber of Commerce certificate and visa recommendation from COC (Chamber of Commerce).
  • travel insurance.
  • confirmed return tickets.
  • confirmed hotel booking.
  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC) in English or Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  • business documents (for self-employed individuals).

Available Turkey visas for Pakistan citizens

Turkey visit visa

For travellers eligible for the Turkey tourist e-Visa

Pakistani ordinary passport holders with a valid Schengen, USA, UK, Ireland issued visa or residence permit can apply for the 1-month single entry e-Visas (30 days) from the Turkish Government’s E-Visa webpage.

The Turkey Tourist Visa (e-Visa) is an entry authorization document allowing foreign nationals to enter and travel within Turkey for mostly non-essential purposes. This is strictly limited to travel, transit and business purposes. Tourists wishing to study must not apply for this visa type.

The tourist e-Visa has a validity of 180 days (6 months), and the maximum period a Pakistani citizen can stay on the visa is 30 days. (1 month).

Documents required

Before beginning the online application process, travellers are required to ensure that they have the following required documents:

  • a passport with a minimum validity of 60 days after departure date, with one blank page for official use
  • a round trip or onward ticket
  • a recent biometric passport photo, on white background, size 50x60mm
  • proof of financial means during stay in Turkey
  • a completed and signed Turkey visa application form
  • hotel reservation or invitation letter
  • documents attesting to the income status of the applicant
  • proof of medical insurance coverage

For travellers not eligible for the Turkey tourist e-Visa

Pakistani citizens who are ineligible for the Turkey tourist e-Visa, or those planning to stay in Turkey for a duration exceeding the e-Visa’s validity must apply for either a Turkey Visit visa or the Sticker visa, which is a specific type of Turkey visa.

You can only apply for this visa by getting your visa application form filled out from the Anatolia travel services visa application centres in Pakistan. The visa application forms will be filled out at the Anatolia travel services centers, free of cost, in accordance with the information given by the applicant.

Please be aware that Anatolia Travel Services does not operate with any official or authorized agent or sub-agent, nor does it possess any legal authorization. The Turkish Embassy in Islamabad, along with the Consulate Generals in Lahore and Karachi, exclusively holds the authority to grant or deny visas. They are not obligated to provide detailed explanations for visa refusals.

You can download the documents checklist from here to get an idea about the documents the visa application centre will require.

Turkey visa for Pakistani price

The Anatolia Travel Services centre lists the prices as follows:

Visa Type Embassy Fee Foreign Embassy Fee
(NON-EU Passports)
Foreign Embassy Fee
(EU Passports)
Single Entry 16,500 PKR 16,500 PKR 22,000 PKR
Multiple Entry 52,500 PKR 52,500 PKR 52,500 PKR
Single transit 16,500 PKR 16,500 PKR 22,000 PKR
Double Transit 33,000 PKR 33,000 PKR 44,000 PKR
Working 16,500 PKR 16,500 PKR 22,000 PKR

Anatolia Travel Services lacks authority in the visa evaluation process. The customer service team at Anatolia Travel Services is solely empowered to accept applications in accordance with established procedures, with no influence over the issuance of Turkish visas.

In light of this, it is advisable not to make any extra payments beyond the computer-generated payment receipt provided by the Anatolia Visa Application Center.


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