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Dubai is preparing to host an AI Retreat as part of its annual Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence, Wego reports. The event, scheduled for 11 June, will be organized by the Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence and will take place at the Museum of the Future, Emirates Tower.


Over 1,000 esteemed engineers, experts, and thought leaders from across the nation are expected to attend the AI Retreat, which aims to catalyze discussions on the opportunities, threats, and optimal applications of artificial intelligence within the governmental sector. The overarching objective is to solidify Dubai’s position as a global leader in harnessing AI to enhance the quality of life for its citizens and residents.

Key topics on the agenda include advancing AI and AI-related transformations and legislations, developing policies to guide the responsible advancement of AI technologies, exploring ethical considerations in AI applications, and strategizing plans to leverage AI for innovation and competitive advantage. Additionally, the retreat will facilitate engagement with local AI communities and talent pools to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Registration for the AI Retreat is now open on the official AI Retreat website. Engineers, experts, and stakeholders eager to contribute to Dubai’s AI-driven vision are encouraged to secure their spots and join the conversation shaping the future of governance and technology. As the world watches, Dubai’s bold initiatives in AI are poised to set new benchmarks and inspire global innovation.

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