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Updated December 2022

Futuristic design and the dream of time-travelling to the future collide at the Museum of the Future Dubai, recently unveiled in February. Visitors will get to explore immersive future landscapes and buildings that will engage their senses and broaden their thoughts. The Museum also recently became the only non-American recipient of the Edgie award for its administration and financial sustainability.

Read further to know about the details and how you can visit this unique museum.

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What is inside the Museum of the Future? 

From the entrance, you can see how magnificent and futuristic the structure of the interior is. You will see the grand doors to enter the Museum of the Future. You will also see the massive atrium with ‘aerobes’ in the shape of giant creatures. 

Having seven floors of exhibits built of stainless steel and glass, the museum manifests a realistic image of life in the year 2071.

You will have a chance to get on a mission to space at the space station named OSS Hope. You can embark on a journey where you can see the Earth from above and register yourself as a pioneer in space. 

Not just the future, you can also learn and observe the ecological system in the Amazon forest. You can take a step into the incredible DNA lab where various species of animals, plants, seeds, sea creatures and insects are kept in jars. 

In the Al Waha wellness area, you can take your time from the advanced digital world and recharge your mind and soul. Feast your eyes on the furniture with soft, pastel colours that will soothe your mind. 

The museum also has a cafe located behind the spiral staircase. You will be served by a robot barista to make your desired drinks. They serve various types of beverages, such as peach tea, hot caramel latte, to iced nitro pecan coffee. You will need to scan a QR code to order your drinks, and you can watch as the robot barista make your order step-by-step. 

Museum of the Future ticket booking & price

You can purchase your ticket online via their website here.

One ticket will cost AED 145 for visitors above three years old. Children under three years old, people of determination, and senior Emirati citizens are able to visit the museum free of charge. Even though tickets are free of charge for these categories, they still have to make a booking via the booking portal to ensure entry.

Museum of the Future timing

The museum is open daily, Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 9 PM. Effective 30 November, visitor slots have been increased from until 5 PM to 7:30 PM. All visitors need to book a ticket for a specific time.

How to get to the Museum of the Future? 

The Museum of the Future is directly adjacent to Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can see the exact location on the map below.

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