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Updated May 2024

With the purpose of simplifying processes for companies seeking to initiate or expand their operations in Dubai, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy has launched a new platform known as the ‘Business in Dubai’ program. Aligned with the chamber’s dedication to fostering a favorable business environment, the initiative is aimed at empowering digital companies to thrive and play an active role in fulfilling the objectives outlined in the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).

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Read on as Wego explores Dubai’s business platform of the future, the Business in Dubai platform.

Business in Dubai objectives

Positioned as an all-encompassing solution to tackle the hurdles encountered by startups, especially those related to securing funding, workspace, and various avenues for growth, the Business in Dubai program primarily aims to empower startups, and boost its role in enhancing Dubai’s economy through productive partnerships with both private enterprises and government bodies.

Moreover, this initiative has brought together seven new partners, including the Dubai World Trade Centre, du (a telecom operator), Dubai Islamic Bank, Mashreq, Commercial Bank of Dubai, in5 (a startup incubator by Tecom Group), and Letswork (a workspace platform). This collaborative effort is set to further enhance the Business in Dubai program’s reach and impact, opening up exciting new horizons for digital businesses in the region.

Business in Dubai services

The Business in Dubai program centers around two primary components, that is, a business matchmaking service aimed at linking firms with potential partners, investors, and customers, and a comprehensive array of institutional services provided through collaboration with Dubai Chamber’s partners.

Moreover, the program will introduce incentives strategically crafted to attract a larger pool of both local and international digital startups to establish their operations in Dubai. According to the Dubai Chamber Digital official website, the platform will assist businesses in settling their matters in Dubai by providing the following services:

Business setup

  • business licensing
  • business banking
  • business office

Business operation

  • business recruitment service providers
  • business payment solutions
  • business training service providers
  • telecom service providers
  • cloud service providers

Business networking

  • business conferences
  • business groups & councils

Staff comfort

  • staff schooling
  • staff home rental
  • staff office car rental/purchase

In-country knowledge

  • In-country reports
  • Dashboard access

How to apply for the Business in Dubai program?

Interested applicants can sign up for the Business in Dubai program services on the Dubai Chamber website, by going through the following four stages:

  • filling out and completing the application form
  • qualification and selection
  • identifying requirements
  • facilitating introductions to second parties.

Dubai Family Business Management Program

The Dubai Family Business Management Programme is a joint initiative by the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses, which operates under Dubai Chambers, in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development. The program aligns with Dubai’s Economic Agenda (D33) goals by preparing second-tier managers with the competencies needed to enhance competitiveness and support sustainable development.

Moreover, leveraging Dubai’s strategic location and advanced infrastructure, it aims to maintain the city as the preferred destination for major global businesses.

The program’s key objectives include elevating the global standing of second-tier management members, enhancing their understanding of both local and international regulations, strengthening corporate governance and sustainability practices, developing strategies for global trade and investments, and fostering a culture of social responsibility within family businesses.

To apply for the Dubai Family Business Management Programme, interested individuals can submit their applications through the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development website.


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