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Updated January 2024

Step into the enchanting realm of Dubai Islands, a captivating destination that emerged from the metamorphosis of Deira Islands in August 2022. With a grand total of nearly 100 hotels, ranging from economical havens to lavish resorts, Dubai Islands stands as a testament to the commitment of the UAE to position itself as a premier global choice for both residents and investors.

Under the adept guidance of Nakheel, this five-island spectacle not only showcases unparalleled urban infrastructure and facilities but also places a paramount emphasis on the well-being and satisfaction of residents and visitors alike.

Read further as Wego unveils deeper into these fascinating Dubai Islands.

What is the Dubai Islands project?

Formerly known as Deira Islands, the project underwent a rebranding in August 2022 and is now referred to as Dubai Islands. This change was prompted by Nakheel, the developer, aligning with the plans outlined in the 2040 Urban Master Plan. The site is projected to host nearly 100 hotels, ranging from affordable accommodations to luxury resorts.

The five-island development is in line with the UAE’s ongoing efforts to position itself as a premier global destination for both residents and investors, according to the Dubai developer. Naaman Atallah, the Chief Executive Officer at Nakheel, emphasized that Dubai Islands are an integral component of the emirate’s future vision, aiming to enhance the health, happiness, and well-being of residents and visitors.

The development also strives to provide the highest standards and a diverse range of urban infrastructure and facilities.

Upon completion, the man-made archipelago on the city’s northern coast will span over 4,000 acres, incorporating five islands featuring resorts, cultural hubs, golf courses, beach clubs, and more. Some properties, such as the family-friendly Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai with a kid-friendly waterpark, have already opened.

For a preview of the islands’ retail offerings, visitors can take a boat to Souk Al Marfa, a wholesale market boasting over 400 shops and kiosks offering a variety of products, from artisanal goods to traditional street food.

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What to expect from the Dubai Islands?

The Dubai Islands goes beyond being a mere location; it stands as evidence of the city’s dedication to becoming the ultimate embodiment of contemporary lifestyle:

Journey across five distinct isles

Dubai Islands unfolds as a tapestry of five isles, each with its own unique charm and allure. The Central Island, Marina Island, Shore Island, Golf Island, and Elite Island collectively form a harmonious blend of residential and resort communities. Each island is set to be a microcosm of experiences, seamlessly integrating retail, cultural, leisure, and wellness facets into daily life.

However, the true jewels in the crown are the expansive beaches that span over 20 kilometres, offering a picturesque fusion of sandy shores, inviting waters, and a wealth of amenities at one’s fingertips.

Located off the coast of Deira

Situated off the coast of Deira, Dubai Islands enjoys a distinctive geographical advantage – close enough to the heart of the city, yet far enough to nurture its own island soul. The islands are easily accessible from the mainland via both road and sea, providing a gateway to Dubai’s iconic landmarks and popular neighbourhoods.

The journey to Dubai Islands is elevated by the breathtaking Infinity Bridge, a new architectural wonder linking the islands to the cityscape. The connectivity within the islands is seamlessly orchestrated through interconnected bridges, ensuring smooth travel between each isle.

Additionally, waterfront access facilitates cruises and water transportation, offering residents and visitors a unique and convenient mode of travel.

Luxurious & futuristic living

Dubai Islands is a manifestation of Dubai’s commitment to being the best city for living. The meticulously planned isles, with their opulent resorts, cultural hubs, and pristine beaches, embody a vision of futuristic living that transcends time and trends.

As residents and guests explore the distinctive charm of each island, they will discover a world where luxury meets functionality.

A waterfront destination

Experience a resort lifestyle like never before at Rixos Dubai Islands, Hotel & Residences, a newly developed waterfront destination nestled in a secluded cove on Dubai Islands. Boasting a 700-meter beach, all residents enjoy direct access to this pristine waterfront setting.

Rixos Hotel & Residences Dubai Islands

© Nakheel

This exclusive development promises residents and visitors an unparalleled level of service and amenities synonymous with the renowned Rixos brand worldwide.

The facilities are designed to cater to sports, leisure, and wellness enthusiasts, featuring communal residential lounges, chic cafés, and restaurants, a variety of entertainment options, hotel-style lobbies for each building with convenient drop-off facilities, as well as luxurious infinity pools, a rejuvenating spa, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

Embrace the epitome of contemporary waterfront living at Rixos Dubai Islands, where every detail is curated for a relaxed and indulgent lifestyle.


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