Newcastle is a must-visit location for anyone looking for the complete English experience. Rich in history and blessed with beauty, the city has everything from a thriving contemporary arts and music scene to historic heritage sites and stunning, dramatic landscapes. Here are 5 reasons why Newcastle should be on your travel bucket list:

It’s easy to get to

Despite being tucked away in a cosy corner of north-east England, it’s surprisingly easy to get to Newcastle from anywhere around the world with direct daily flights from Dubai. If you prefer to travel from the capital of the country, options are aplenty. A train trip from London takes around three hours, and you’ll be treated to peaceful views of the English countryside along the journey.

It offers excellent value for money

Costs in Newcastle are much lower than what you’d expect, making this an ideal location for those hoping to save some budget. If you’re familiar with the cost of holidays in London, Newcastle will be a pleasant surprise for your wallets! You’ll still get the true-blue experience of life in an English city, but everything from a theatre ticket to a taxi ride to a meal out will cost you less. 

There’s always something going on

Sage Gateshead

Newcastle thrives with life all four seasons of the year. Escape from the everyday at the Sage Gateshead, where you’ll be treated to a wide range of performances from the world’s best musicians, composers, and entertainers in one of the most architecturally impressive concert halls.

Alternatively, if the visual arts are more your cup of tea, just next door on the Tyne riverfront is BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art – one of England’s most prestigious art galleries. 

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Spring and summer boast a plethora of activities such as food markets, music festivals, comedy shows and pop-up theatres, while winter brings with the season other avenues of cool-weathered fun in the form of ice-skating, firework displays and light festivals. 

If you prefer to spend some time surrounded by nature, prepare to be captivated by the legendary landscapes North East England has to offer. Exploring the scenic beaches along the Northumberland coast is the perfect way to spend an afternoon: walk along the sand to the sound of crashing waves with an ice cream cone in hand or enjoy the nation’s most iconic dish – fish and chips – which is usually eaten outside whatever the weather! 

There’s simply never a bad time to visit this enchanting location!

The people are super friendly

The locals of the region, known as Geordies, are renowned for being some of the friendliest people in the world. Ask a smiling passer-by for directions and you’ll discover that they’re always happy to help. Newcastle is a place where strangers are treated as potential mates rather than outsiders from across the fence.

Chances are, you’ll end up going for a cup of coffee with that helpful someone and striking up a friendship, or at least swapping life stories before the day is over.

It’s a great base to explore the rest of the North East

Newcastle is a prime location for setting out to explore other spots in the North East, as some of England’s most well-beloved parks are only a short driving distance away. 

Nature’s wonders come on full display in these serene enclaves hidden from the rest of the world. You won’t want to miss out on a magical evening under the stars at Kielder, or spotting wildlife such as roe deer and red squirrels in Northumberland National Park.

Northumberland National Park

Walk in the footsteps of Romans along Hadrian’s ancient wall for a coast-to-coast adventure, not forgetting a picture with England’s most photographed tree at Sycamore Gap. 

Neighbouring Durham is a medieval treasure trove of a city, fit for those interested in grand cathedrals, quaint streets and castles. Speaking of castles, where else in the world can you find 8 castles within 10 miles?!

All images courtesy of Visit Britain